WhatsApp develops a long awaited application compatible with the iPad

The WhatsApp platform is developing a new version of the service, to be compatible with the operating system of the tablet iPad from Apple.

The application will depend on the tool software Apple’s Mac Catalyst to develop its new iPad application, in so that WhatsApp developers can run the same application on Mac devices, without the need to write custom code for Apple desktop devices, according to a report by WABetaInfo.

Furthermore, with the arrival of the new version of WhatsApp for Mac devices, users will be able to enjoy a unique experience with instant chats through their own computer, without the need to connect your smartphones to the Internet.

iPad Pro
iPad Pro

More proportional interface

Similarly, WhatsApp’s interface will look similar on both iPad and Mac, but ultimately the interface will be more compatible with the big screen size of the computer Apple.

Running WhatsApp on iPad is one of the benefits that users have always requested, in as it has not always received a clear response from WhatsApp or Apple, but it seems that Apple has finally paved the way to provide this functionality.

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