WhatsApp races against time … Launch of 3 new features!

In an effort to get as many users as possible, the “WhatsApp” instant messaging application has rolled out 3 new updates.

The green app has kept the promise made last month, announced by Meta, that these features will appear soon.

The three updates include services for using emojis to reply to messages, the ability to share large files up to 2GB, and doubling the maximum size of group chats from 256 to 500 participants.

New feature

These developments have comein a moment of intense competition between the sites of social networking to get the largest number of users among them.

The function of using emojis to reply to messages in WhatsApp will also allow application users to interact in faster than normal, especially since it is a service that is found on other applications such as “Messenger”, “Slack” and “Telegram”.

Interestingly, the Telegram application is the closest competitor to WhatsApp, with over 500 million active users.

Interestingly, last month WhatsApp added a new feature that allowed its users to increase the number of people who can join group video calls from 8 people to 32 subscribers.

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