WhatsApp Testing HD Image Sending Functionality in Latest Beta Version

WhatsApp Testing High Quality Image Sending Functionality

Improved Image Sharing Experience

WhatsApp is currently testing the image sending functionality within the application in high HD quality, as monitored in the latest beta version of the application on iPhone and Android. The new feature aims to improve the experience of sharing photos via WhatsApp and has already started appearing with some users of the beta version of the application.

The Option to Send Images in HD Quality

According to the images posted within the application, the option to send images in HD quality will appear in the UI within the image sharing window when you choose a large image to send, such as those taken with a phone camera. The user will have two options, send the image in quality standard “compressed”, which is the default option, or choose HD quality, in so that the application sends the image in bigger size and better quality than usual, also compressing lighter without sending it in original size.

“HD” Tag on High Quality Images

And when sending pictures in high quality, WhatsApp will put “HD” tag on the image, in so the recipient of the image knows it has been sent in superior quality and is easy to distinguish within the conversation.

Limitations of the Feature

It should be noted that this feature is currently limited to sending images within conversations only and is not available when sharing images in the status section or when sending video clips, as WhatsApp compresses them in all cases.

Testing Before Public Release

The image sending function in HD high quality will be tested in WhatsApp for some time before it is available in a later update for all users. The WhatsApp application does not allow sending images in their original quality unless they are sent as a file, as is the case with the competing Telegram application, and alternative methods may be relied upon, such as uploading images to a cloud storage – like Google Drive – and then share them.

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