WhatsApp warns two billion users of a dangerous scam and hack

The instant messaging application “WhatsApp” has warned the number of its two billion users of a fraudulent message, requesting its immediate cancellation.

According to the site web wabetainfo, which follows WhatsApp news, scammers delude victims that they are technical support in the application, in an attempt to steal their information private.

Scammers widely use instant communication applications to steal users’ information or money due to their widespread use.

An image posted by the site shows a comparison of the actual technical support account information in “WhatsApp”, and the fake tech support account.

WhatsApp logo

To further mislead, the scammers use the account image which includes the “WhatsApp” logo, which appears to be official and authenticated.

But there is an easy way to make sure the account is real or not, which is a green verification sign that is under the account image and not inside it, and this sign cannot be obtained by scammers .

In case in Whenever any message arrives from an account with an authentication mark within its image, the message from that account must be immediately deleted.

Scammers try to know the 6-digit passcode of the account, in so that you can access the user’s account or bank account numbers to avoid blocking the account.

WhatsApp never asks for users’ credit card details or any other information such as a passcode for services on the application and if someone wants to get this information, it means they are trying to deceive you.

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