WhatsApp will soon add a new feature to Android phones

WhatsApp, a subsidiary of Meta (formerly Facebook), has started developing new features for Android phones, including a feature that allows you to listen to voice messages when you leave the conversation.

This feature allows Android phones to listen to voice messages when you leave the conversation and to check the main WhatsApp menu, with the ability to check for the presence of the voice message, stop it, restart it or close it.

This feature still is in under development and has not yet been made available, according to Wabetainfo.

Tech experts advise all users of the WhatsApp instant messaging application to make 3 major changes in the “Settings” menu in early 2022, related to improving privacy, including blocking WhatsApp separately on the “iPhone” phone, which is very important, because it prevents people using your phone from seeing your messages.

WhatsApp has a recently added feature, which will automatically self-destruct new texts after one day.

The last change you should make to WhatsApp in early 2022 is to turn on verification in two passes, one pass in more to verify your phone number, to help keep hackers out of your account.

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