When Can You Watch All American Season 5 on Netflix? Get the Release Date Here!

All American Season 5 Coming to Netflix Soon

Season 5 Finale Airs on The CW

All American season 5 will be on Netflix very soon. Tuesday, May 23 to be exact. What time can you start streaming all the episodes?

With All American season 5 airing its finale on Monday, May 15, we knew it would mean the show would be on Netflix soon. It takes just eight days for the full season to arrive once the finale airs on The CW. That’s even the case with The CW/Netflix deal ending a while back, and even with Nexstar’s takeover of the network.

Season 5: A Big One

This season is a big one. Without giving away any major spoilers, there is a death to prepare for. The death wasn’t promoted beforehand, leaving us all heartbroken. If you do want the spoilers before you go into the season so you can prepare, our sister site Hidden Remote covered it all.

Of course, there is also a cliffhanger ending. The good news is the series has been renewed for a sixth season, so we will get a resolution, whether it’s one we like or don’t.

When to Expect All American Season 5 on Netflix?

There isn’t too long to wait for the season to arrive. All American season 5 drops on Netflix on Tuesday, May 23.

What time can you start streaming? All 20 episodes of the season will drop at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT. This is the same time as all other content on Netflix. There is no special treatment for this, as much as we’d love to catch it a little earlier.

What About All American Season 6?

That is sure to arrive sometime around this time of year in 2024. We’ll need to see the full season air on The CW first. At least it’s happening, and you’ll need it once you get to the end of this season.

All American season 5 is on Netflix on Tuesday, May 23.