When do the NBA playoffs start in 2020? Dates, TV schedule, updated standings & & seeding scenarios

With just a little over a month left in the 2019-20 NBA routine season, teams are still jockeying for playoff position.

The Bucks and Lakers appear to have the leading areas locked down in their particular conferences, however the playoff seeds below them are quite up in the air.

Which NBA teams will clinch playoff berths as the routine season ends? Take a look at the updated standings below together with prospective playoff matches.

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When do the 2020 NBA playoffs start?

  • Start date: Saturday, April 18
  • End date: Sunday, June 21

The last day of the 2019-20 NBA routine season is Wednesday, April15 The 2020 NBA playoffs suggestion off 3 days in the future Saturday, April 18.

The conference semifinals will start May 4-5 (possible go up to May 2-3), and the conference finals will start May 19-20 (possible go up to May 17-18). The 2020 NBA Finals will start June 4 and end no behind June 21.

NBA playoff schedule 2020

Playoff round Start date
First round April 18
Conference semifinals Might 4-5 (possible go up to May 2-3)
Conference finals May 19-20 (possible go up to May 17-18)
NBA Finals June 4 (last possible game June 21)

NBA playoff games will be brought by ABC, ESPN, NBA TV and TNT. The Eastern Conference finals will be revealed on ESPN, and the Western Conference finals will be aired on TNT. ABC will relay all NBA Finals games.

How do the NBA playoffs work?

An overall of 16 teams– 8 from each conference– will get involved in the NBA playoffs with the greater seed in each series holding home- court benefit. In the event both No. 1 seeds advance to the NBA Finals, the team with the much better record will start the series at home.

Each series follows a best-of-seven (2-2-1-1-1) format, significance the greater seed hosts Games 1, 2, 5 and 7 while the lower seed hosts Games 3, 4 and 6. The magic number for an NBA championship is 16 wins (4 each round).

NBA standings 2020: Eastern Conference

Here are the most current NBA standings in the Eastern Conference (last upgrade: March 11).

Seed Team Record Games back
1. Bucks *53-12
2. Raptors *46-18 6.5
3. Celtics *43-21 9.5
5. Pacers39-2614
6.76 ers38-26145
7. Nets30-34225
8. Magic30-3523

* clinched playoff berth

NBA standings 2020: Western Conference

Here are the most current NBA standings in the Western Conference (last upgrade: March 11).

Seed Team Record Games back
1. Lakers *49-14
2. Clippers44-20 5.5
3. Nuggets43-21 6.5
4. Jazz41-23 8.5
5. Thunder40-24 9.5
6. Rockets40-24 9.5
7. Mavericks39-27115
8. Grizzlies32-3318
Path Sports Jackets29-37215

* clinched playoff berth

Removed from playoff contention: Warriors

( Note: Full NBA guidelines for tiebreakers can be discovered HERE)

Matchups if the NBA playoffs began today

Eastern Conference

( 1) Bucks vs. (8) Magic

( 2) Raptors vs. (7) Nets

( 3) Celtics vs. (6) 76 ers

( 4) Heat vs. (5) Pacers

Western Conference

( 1) Lakers vs. (8) Grizzlies

( 2) Clippers vs. (7) Mavericks

( 3) Nuggets vs. (6) Rockets

( 4) Jazz vs. (5) Thunder

Chances to win 2020 NBA championship

The top-seeded Lakers (+225) and Dollars (+275) are the favorites to win the 2020 NBA Finals, with the Clippers carefully behind at +400

Team Chances
76 ers+2500

( Championship chances from BetOnline by means of Sports Expert)

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