When I am satisfied and lose the urge to learn new Things I’ll stop: Ashwin

Ashwin is considered a thinking cricketer who is always eager to explore something new, something extra in his game and this attitude has paid off for him throughout his career.

“The beauty about test cricket Do you always strive to be perfect, but can you settle down? for excellence, also I think I pretty much do that, “Ashwin was quoted as saying by the ICC of die ongoing test world championship final between India and New Zealand here.

“I think whatever I’ve achieved so far in my career is because of this attitude has not established itself for everything, constantly looking for improvement.

“I’ve claimed that if I don’t like do different things and when i do die Losing patience to do something new or be satisfied, then I can’t do it play the sport no longer, “he said.

The 34-year-old from Chennai, who recorded 409 tests wickets So far he said he doesn’t enjoy Controversy, but when it is nudged it does not hesitate give it back on the field with his performance.

“It is not like that I enjoy Controversy, but me enjoy a fight and that pretty much adds up up why I’m here, “he said.

“I don’t celebrate victories as much as I ideally should because for me victory is a coincidence and is planned and coincidental practice. I sit and think about what can be better, “said Ashwin.

By its own account, Ashwin doesn’t like to talk a lot about his own performances as for him playing the sport and outstanding in it is his profession.

“I don’t really read or live on my achievements, to be completely honest. To be completely honest with you, me just hate die fact this is me who I am because of what I do. You get a lot in India of Praise but I am just another normal person who finds peace and happiness playing the sport, ”he said.

“It is just absolutely wonderful that I can practice mine trade and feed mine family and i get paid so well It’s a sport that makes sense for me too live.

“I’m too excited. I have no time for people Rate me or don’t rate me, it is just die Another person’s opinion and that is just brutally how I live my life.”

India pace Ashwin considered jasper spearhead to be Bumrah one of die Huge of the game.

“I think he (Ashwin) is one of die Huge of the game because when you look at its notes, it speaks for himself. He did well with the bat as well as with the ball. He took more than 400 test wickets so that it doesn’t get past chance,” he said.

India bowling coach Bharat Arun also exuberant praise on Ashwins work Ethics and said he is never satisfied and wants to learn new Things daily.

“Ashwin is not very happy with Whatever he does, he always likes to come out of his comfort zone and learn new Things develop different perspectives and that is what makes him so special”Said Arun.

“He understands his bowling mostly. What bowlers actually do and think they are are two different things, also Ashwin understands his bowling to fill this gap.

“As soon as a bowler bridges that gap, he has a bigger one chance to innovate and that makes a lot special, “He added.

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