When is the next PS5 restock? Latest PlayStation 5 stock dates, times

When is the next PS5 restock? Latest PlayStation 5 stock dates, times

When is next PS5 stock – Latest July PlayStation 5 restock news (Image: SONY)

PS5 stock is expected to go live in the coming days. In the past week UK gamers saw Argos and GAME – arguably the two best places to purchase a PS5 in the UK in 2021 – start taking orders once again. If you missed these restocks then all is not lost as more UK retailers are expected to be releasing PlayStation 5 stock that’s available to buy online imminently.

Both ASDA and John Lewis could be taking orders for the PS5 next.

ASDA is tipped to be taking orders for the PS5 anytime between now and July 29.

The expected ASDA restock time is between 8am and 11am.

While John Lewis is tipped to be getting another PS5 restock between July 27 and 29.


The expected John Lewis PS5 restock time is between 7am and 9am.

According to the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter account, the next John Lewis restock should have almost 2,000 Disc consoles.

The @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter posted: “PlayStation 5 (John Lewis) Exclusive News.

“Expected Shipment Arrival: 26/07 Shipment Stock Quantity: 1872.

“Just a heads up, 26/07 is when John Lewis is expecting to receive the console shipment, not when they will go live.

“Drop Expected: 27-29 July”.

The John Lewis restock time as well as the ASDA stock time and date was revealed by the @PS5Instant Twitter account.

Latest PS5 stock news for July 2021

Latest PS5 stock news for July 2021 – Times and dates for next restock (Image: SONY)

The PS5 stock tracker account also revealed some other good news for PlayStation 5 fans in the UK.

The @PS5Instant Twitter revealed that scalping – which has been a continual pest for those looking to pick up a PS5 since the console launched last November – is becoming less profitable.

Which, in turn, should hopefully lead to less people turning to PS5 scalping to try and earn a quick buck.

The @PS5Instant Twitter posted: “Scalping is becoming less profitable. PS5s avg prices on eBay fell from 570 to 520. Most stores receive #PS5Stock early August so no reason to buy from scalpers”.

In other PS5 news, it looks like going forward the PS5 Digital will be receiving a design change.

As spotted by PSU, a new model of the PS5 Digital console was spotted in Japan – which is 300g lighter.

And, according to @PS5Instant, the most recent GAME restock was the last chance for gamers in Blighty to purchase a PS5 Digital with its current, heavier weight.

So it seems going forward the lighter PS5 Digital console will be shipping to the UK instead.

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