When Salman Khan’s Driving Skills Were Reviewed By Mother Salma Khan Who Said, “I Don’t Sit With Him…”

When Salman Khan's Mother Spoke About His Driving Skills:
Salman Khan’s Mother Once Joked About His Driving Skills (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Salman Khan is the superstar of Bollywood. He is often cited as one of the most commercially successful actors of Indian cinema. While the media and fans revolve around him, his world revolves around his mother Salma. The two share an adorable bond.

The superstar and his mother once appeared on a candid chat show hosted by Farah Khan. While the filmmaker-choreographer appreciated ing a 44-year-old Salman’s mother for appearing on the show, she said that he doesn’t go anywhere with him when he drives.

As reported by Quint, Salma Khan said to Farah Khan, “I don’t sit with him when he is driving.” To which Salman Khan said, “Why don’t you sit with me when I am driving mamma? You are giving a wrong impression about my driving.” Then she clarified by saying, “No, it’s not that. Salman doesn’t like stopping at traffic signals. He zig-zags from here to there, I feel dizzy.”

Salman then said, “You know that I have an accident case on me, and this not the right thing to say on the show? Whenever she sits beside me, she starts chanting Ram Ram Ram Ram, even beside Sohail and Arbaaz.”

Salman Khan and his mother Salma’s funny interaction at Farah Khan‘s chatshow brought out a lot of interesting aspects of the superstar’s life. It is also worth pointing out that the Dabangg star was given a clean chit by the Bombay High Court in the case in 2015 citing that there was not enough evidence against the actor.

During Farah Khan’s chat show, Salman also recalled childhood moments. “As a child, I remember, when mom used to go out, I used to hold on to her pallu and run behind her crying. I had another habit, mom used to feed me yellow daal and chawal. I stopped eating that the day she stopped feeding me that with her own hands.”

We can now surely say that Salman Khan is Mumma’s boy!

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. When Salman Khan’s Driving Skills Were Reviewed By Mother Salma Khan Who Said, “I Don’t Sit With Him…” .

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