When Sidharth Shukla Became A Target Of ‘Drunk Driving & Beating’ Fake News: “It Leaves A Bitter Feeling In Heart”

When Sidharth Shukla Became A Target Of ‘Drunk Driving & Beating’ Fake News: “It Leaves A Bitter Feeling In Heart”
Sidharth Shukla Drunk Driving Fake News (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Sidharth Shukla, the winner of Bigg Boss 13, has made his image of the angry young man. The actor isn’t very conventional in his thinking and loves talking about anything without sugar coating. It’s this thing that once added fuel to a fake news report.

Last December, Sidharth was indulged in a controversy in which he was accused of drunk driving and beating a man. A video had gone viral in which a man was accusing Sidharth of beating him. Thanks to Sidharth’s angry young man image, many thought it was true. Even some news channels served it without any validation.

Thankfully, the real story came to the light shortly after. As per the original side of the story, the brother-in-law of Sidharth Shukla had received a call from his office staff, stating some goons are troubling them. Further, Sidharth along with his brother-in-law visited the office and got the hold of goons. They were handed over to the police.

However, before this side of the story reaches the public, Sidharth’s image had got a bit of dent due to fake news reporting. Reacting to it, the Bigg Boss 13 winner had said, “Whatever happened is all out there; I think there have been a couple of video clips of the incident that people have seen. I just have one thing to say that with the online space being so vast, some of these platforms are really starved for news,” as per the interview with Times Of India.

“Somebody said that I was drunk and that was the headline put out without any verification. It’s really sad that you have gone out to help someone and they make you out to be the wrong one. Of course, the major part of the media got it right,” Sidharth added.

Sidharth Shukla even shared that he is deeply affected by such fake reports. “They went on to see the videos the following day and put out the correct information. It’s not like a person needs validation or recognition when he happens to do something good or he helps someone, but when it’s turned around and the person is accused of something, it leaves a bitter feeling in the heart. But I guess that’s life, so it’s okay,” he had quoted.

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. When Sidharth Shukla Became A Target Of ‘Drunk Driving & Beating’ Fake News: “It Leaves A Bitter Feeling In Heart” .

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