When Will Heartland Season 15 Coming on Netflix?

Heartland Season 15 is finally available to stream on Netflix U.S.

After a painfully long wait, Heartland season 15 is finally available to stream on Netflix U.S. The 15th season premiered on CBC in October 2021 and ended its run in December 2021. Netflix U.S. subscribers had to wait over a year for the fifteenth season of the family drama to make its way to the streamer, so they’re not wasting any time watching it.

Heartland season 15 consists of 10 episodes like the previous season, so there’s plenty to watch and enjoy. The episode runtime is 44 minutes, and a lot happens in each episode. This season, the Bartlett-Fleming family embraces the future while creating new dreams and fulfilling old ones. But most importantly, they always make sure to come together to help each other.

It’s another exciting and highly emotional season filled with tons of drama, action, and heartfelt family moments. And once you finish the fifteenth season, you’ll want to watch the next season immediately. However, Netflix does not carry Heartland season 16 at the moment. It will receive it at a later date. No worries. We’ll share the Netflix release date once it’s announced.

Netflix has a licensing deal with the show where it receives new seasons of the family drama sometime after they finish airing on CBC. Heartland season 16 aired on CBC from October 2022 to February 2023, and U.S. fans have been patiently waiting for the latest season to come to Netflix since it ended its run. While the streamer is set to receive the fifteen season on May 31, 2023, Heartland season 16 still doesn’t have a Netflix U.S. release date. And it looks like it’ll be quite a while before Netflix U.S. gets its hands on the sixteenth season.

However, other regions, such as the U.K., have already received season 16, and in fact, Heartland season 16 dropped on Netflix U.K. on May 17.

While the main cast pretty much remains the same over the seasons, some new cast members are added every now and then. There are also some cast departures. So, who’s in the Heartland season 15 cast? Find out below.

Heartland Season 15 Cast

Here are all the returning cast members in the fifteenth season of Heartland:

  • Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming
  • Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer as Lyndy Marion Borden (Amy’s daughter)
  • Michelle Morgan as Samantha Louise “Lou” Fleming Morris
  • Chris Potter as Tim Fleming
  • Shaun Johnston as Jackson “Jack” Bartlett/Grandpa Jack
  • Jessica Steen as Lisa Stillman
  • Kerry James as Caleb O’Dell
  • Madison Cheeatow as Jade Virani
  • Gabriel Hogan as Peter Morris
  • Michelle Nolden as Jessica Cook
  • Aidan Moreno as Rick Adderly
  • Ava Tran as Parker Yang
  • Alisha Newton as Georgie Fleming Morris
  • Adrian Spencer as Cooper Hues
  • Nathaniel Arcand as Scott Cardinal
  • Kate Drummond as Paula Westfield
  • Jenny Steele as Emma Fitzroy
  • Shawn Roberts as Sam Langston
  • Greg Lawson as Clint Riley
  •  Ivan Cermak as Fred Garland

New Cast Members of Heartland Season 15

In the fifteenth season of “Heartland,” two new actors have joined the cast, namely Baye McPherson and Drew Davis. Baye McPherson takes on the role of Katie Fleming-Morris, the daughter of Lou and Peter, which was previously portrayed by Ziya Matheson. As an integral part of the family, Katie’s character brings new dimensions to the dynamics at Heartland. On the other hand, Drew Davis portrays the character of Logan, a troubled soul, at the age of 17. As described by Heartland’s official blog, Logan masks his insecurities with a facade of cocky bravado, treating everything as a joke. He possesses moments of natural charisma, occasionally assuming the role of a ring leader, but also displays disinterest and detachment. However, beneath his cool exterior lies a depth of intense emotions. Throughout the series, Logan discovers a hidden gift, unbeknownst to him, until he encounters Amy. Both Baye McPherson and Drew Davis contribute to the ongoing narrative of “Heartland,” enriching the show with their performances and adding new layers of character development and emotional depth to the storyline.

Heartland Season 15 Official Trailer:

The 17th Season of Heartland Has Been Renewed

Heartland, the longest-running one-hour drama series in Canadian television history, has been renewed for a seventeenth season, and the cast and crew are currently filming it as of May 30. While this is good news for fans all over, Netflix U.S. fans are still waiting on Heartland Season 16 to land on Netflix.

Why did Netflix Remove Heartland Season 15 Before?

CBC decided not to renew the Netflix Canada license for those titles to give its streaming service, CBC Gem, an advantage in terms of programming. Season 15 of Heartland was available on Netflix until February 28, 2023. Heartland seasons 1–14 are also available on Netflix USA. The first six seasons of Heartland have been removed from Netflix worldwide as of January 2022, but seasons 7 to 15 are still available. But now, as of May 31, Heartland Season 15 is available on Netflix U.S. also.

Heartland seasons 1-15 are streaming on Netflix.

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