Where does Corona Omicron come from? The Botswana statement shuffles the cards

The president of Botswana said some of the four diplomats who were the first to test positive for the virus Omicron Most of the coronavirus in the country came from Europe, calling for a reversal of the widespread travel ban imposed on southern African countries.

The president refused to reveal the nationalities of the diplomats, saying only: “Some of them have passed through Europe, and others have passed through other places.

Mokgoetsi Masisi said some of the four diplomats who were the first to test positive for the “Omicron” strain in the country were from Europe.

Masisi added in a press release during an interview with “CNN” on Thursday evening when asked if some people had come from Europe in Botswana replied: “Indeed”.

Regarding the travel restrictions imposed by many countries around the world due to “Omicron”, he said: “They are not necessary and, if you ask me, I find no better expression than the fact that they are irresponsible.”

The tension, which the World Health Organization has described as worrying, has prompted many governments to impose travel restrictions with southern African countries and take other measures to contain it.

Although it has not yet been determined where Omicron first appeared, South Africa on November 25, followed by Botswana the next day, announced the discovery of a new mutant whose mutations differ from the widespread delta strain.

South Africa also complains that it was punished for identifying the new mutation early.

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