Where to Watch Heartland Season 16 in the US: What Streaming Options are Available?

Where to Watch Heartland Season 16 in the US

Heartland season 15 is now available to stream on Netflix US, and it’s what everyone’s currently watching and talking about. But sadly, the streamer doesn’t carry the following season just yet. Don’t worry, though. Netflix US will add the sixteenth season in the future, but that’s not the case now. So, where can you watch Heartland season 16 in the meantime? As always, we’ve got you covered!

There’s no arguing that Heartland is one of the best family dramas streaming on Netflix. As of June 2, the streaming giant carries seasons 1-15, with a sixteenth and seventeenth season expected to make their way to the platform later.

Based on the bestselling book series by Lauren Brooke, the family drama focuses on the Bartlett-Fleming family as they deal with the challenges of running a ranch while also going through the highs and lows of life together.

Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, Chris Potter, and Jessica Steen are some of the Heartland Cast talented actors.

Where to Watch Heartland Season 16 in the US: What Streaming Options are Available?

Where to Watch Heartland Season 16 in the US?

As of June 2, the only place where US fans can watch Heartland season 16 is on the streaming service UP Faith & Family. The streamer has a deal with the show where it has exclusive streaming rights to Heartland season 16 for a specific period. UP Faith & Family reported in a press release that the streamer will only have exclusive streaming rights until 2024. After that, Heartland season 16 can be streamed in other places.

On June 1, the sixteenth season debuted on UP Faith & Family with its first episode. A New Episode will be added to the streamer every week on Thursday. To access the season, you must subscribe to UP Faith & Family. It will be the first place in the U.S. to premiere it, and it’s the only place fans can stream the 15 new episodes until 2024.

When is Heartland Season 16 coming to Netflix?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Netflix US release date yet. However, Heartland season 16 could come to the streamer sometime in 2024 at the earliest because that’s when UP Faith & Family will no longer have exclusive streaming rights.

Before Netflix U.S. receives Heartland season 16, it will be streamed exclusively on UP Faith & Family starting on June 1, 2023, with new episodes being added weekly. UP Faith & Family has an exclusive distribution arrangement with the show, and through the arrangement, the SVOD service is granted exclusive streaming rights for a specific period of time.

According to UP Faith & Family, it will only have exclusive streaming rights until 2024. This means the earliest Netflix U.S. could receive the sixteenth season is sometime in 2024.

Our best release prediction at the moment is sometime in early to mid-2024. However, keep in mind that this is pure speculation. We could see season 16 on Netflix U.S. later than we predicted. We’ll have to wait and see what happens patiently. And don’t worry because we’ll make sure to share the official Netflix release date once it’s announced.

Why did Netflix remove Heartland Season 15?

CBC decided not to renew the Netflix Canada license for those titles to give its streaming service, CBC Gem, an advantage in programming. Season 15 of Heartland was available on Netflix until February 28, 2023.

Heartland seasons 1-15 are streaming on Netflix right now.

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