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Where will Mbappé and Halland play? | Arab Jerusalem


With the start of the winter transfer market for the European championships, on 1 January, there was talk of a series of agreements expected in the major club who, despite their lack, are constantly trying to bargain with football stars, both those whose contracts are close to the finals such as Salah, Mane, Mahrez and Mbappe or the Norwegian champion Borussia Dortmund rookie Erling Haaland, who remains at the center of attention of all club of the world, in one moment in where funds were scarce and the Corona crisis was exacerbated, and the number of distinguished players who made a difference such as Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar has decreased, but this has not prevented the circulation of the names of the players in a market that no one could expect. all the rumors about Mbappe’s departure from Al-Byagi to Real Madrid and Halland from Dortmund to Barcelona, ​​as they are the most coveted in this moment. He moved in another team after his contract expired next summer, but the riyal, which he strongly desired, was no longer alone on the market after the English and Italian teams had entered in queue to benefit from the services of a one-year star. For the age of 23, and his value exceeds 120 million euros, and he has scored 150 goals for Al-Biagi since arriving from Monaco in 2017, failing to convince him to renew so far despite the tempting offer that did, and he’s still offering since last summer, but Messi’s joining could be a reason in the French international’s departure to Real Madrid in seeking absolute stardom and other highlights in the Spanish league, which lost Ronaldo and Messi. Most likely, Mbappe will sign his new contract in this month, both with Al-Byagi and with Real, and one of the exciting series for the player who wants to dedicate himself to preparing for the World Cup ends in Qatar in the best conditions.With his country, France, and focusing on individual and collective, local, European and international titles, while he is in the prime of his youth and gives, especially during the World Cup year, which he wants to crown for the second consecutive time, and he is no more than 24, even if he were to finish the season with Al-Biasji and leave early next season, unless the management of the team fails to spend more money to convince him to renew, what which remains possible from a team that has not given up, and does not hesitate to attract stars in search of the Champions League title that he has been chasing for years, so he refused to sell it for When the riyal offered him 120 million euros, even knowing that at the end of the season he would have gone for free, the Norwegian champion Erling Haaland, for his part, wants to know his future during this Winter Market, especially after becoming the most sought-after g player in the world, either in England, Spain, Italy and even in Germany and France, which I entered in line through Paris Saint-Germain in Mbappé’s departure case, but Barca and Real are closest to benefiting from the services of the top scorer, the emerging football phenomenon that has become much bigger than Dortmund and the German league, and is set to move on to a bigger league and a club best who competes in local and European leagues and enjoys great popularity and media coverage that makes him the best in the world over the next decade, so much so that City and Chelsea, in turn, want to exploit the services of forward Halland at all costs , even if it costs them to give up three of their current players, because he is unmatched in today’s football stadiums with his sense of goal, strength and skill. in Spain, where he spent his end-of-year holidays, and exactly at Barca or Real, the dream of every player in the world, but all possibilities remain This in a market that does not know the impossible and has no room for logic or feelings and emotions, but rather is subject to purely material factors that sometimes have nothing to do with the technical side, and the coach has no opinions about it , even if there is no coach in the world who refuses to bring Mbabi or Halland currently, or refuses to include them together in A team, as Real Madrid wants, that is in able to do so, and neither will Al-Bayagi, who will not accept Mbappe’s departure unless he guarantees Halland’s hiring! summer! Algerian journalist

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