Which is better Moderna or Pfizer? One studio American reveals a surprise

There is no doubt that Corona vaccines have given hope to the whole world, because they could put an end to us for the emerging virus. But the perplexing question: which is the best?

In this context, a new studio published by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday revealed a surprise, as it showed Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine provides long-term protection against hospitalization. in hospital compared to the Pfizer vaccine.

93% effective

Researchers at the center conducted an analysis of approximately 3,689 adults who were admitted to hospitals with severe Covid-19 from March 11 to August 15, 2021, which is the period that preceded and includes the spread of the delta mutant, according to AFP. . Of these, 12.9% were fully vaccinated with Moderna, 20.0 with Pfizer / Biontech and 3.1% with Johnson & Johnson.

The researchers found that the extent of each period was Modern vaccine 93% effective against recovery, Pfizer 88% and Johnson & Johnson 68%.

Which is better Moderna or Pfizer?  One studio American reveals a surprise


Also evident is the loss of efficacy against hospitalization for the Pfizer vaccine: it decreased from 91% at 14 to 120 days after vaccination, to 77% after more than 120 days from vaccination. Moderna, on the other hand, dropped from 93% to 92% over the two periods.


Also, it studio it also included a separate analysis of the levels of different types of vaccine-induced antibodies, taken from 100 volunteers. The Moderna vaccine has also been shown to produce higher levels of antibodies than the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Research is piling up indicating the superiority of Moderna’s vaccine over Pfizer’s vaccine, including studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published last week.



The reasons are still unclear, but it could be because the dose levels are higher – 100 micrograms versus 30. It could also be related to the interval between the two doses, as Pfizer is given three weeks apart compared to four weeks for Moderna.

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