While waiting to stop gas supplies from Algeria, Morocco is studying a reverse flow of the pipeline

A senior Moroccan official said on Monday that Morocco is discussing a reverse flow of the pipeline with Spain if Algeria does not renew a supply agreement that expires on October 31.

Algeria has previously indicated that it will not renew the agreement to export gas through the 13.5 billion cubic meter Maghrebi-European pipeline, which passes through Morocco, and that it will expand the Medgas pipeline, which does not cross the neighbor, to reach a capacity of 10 billion cubic meters by December.

But Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune recently said no final decision has been made in about the North African-European gas pipeline.

Algeria broke off diplomatic relations with Morocco in late August, claiming its neighbor’s “hostile actions”, and last month closed airspace to all Moroccan planes. In Morocco, he replied that the decision to cut ties was not justified.

“For Morocco, the pipeline is in largely a regional cooperation instrument … we will not let it rust, “the senior Moroccan official told Reuters, asking not to be named, confirming what was reported by the media locals.

He added that Morocco is in negotiations with Spain to use its liquefied natural gas terminals to pass the gas in Morocco using the same pipeline.

“This LNG will not be in competition with Spanish gas supplies. It will be an additional purchase requested by Morocco, which will pay for its passage through the Spanish ports and the pipeline, “he said.

He added that Morocco has also granted permits to gas importers in waiting for Algeria not to renew the agreement on the pipeline.

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