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White House: US companies will make their own decisions about the future of their work in Saudi Arabia

The White House announced that US companies will make their own decisions about their future business in Saudi Arabia, but will consider “potential reputational risks.”

White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said during a press conference on Tuesday, when asked about U.S. companies’ investment in Saudi Arabia amid OPEC+’s decision to cut oil production, that “U.S. companies make decisions about their presence independently.” as they do in all countries” around the world, as well as investment, taking into account many factors, including legal restrictions, the business environment and reputational issues that may result from political decisions made by host countries. “.

Regarding the participation of US officials in an investment conference scheduled in Riyadh, Jean-Pierre said she had “nothing to announce.”

According to media reports, US officials are trying to convince companies not to step up business with Saudi Arabia amid the OPEC+ decision.

Karen-Jean-Pierre said on this occasion: “We have clearly emphasized that at a time when these things are happening in world markets, the decision of OPEC + is wrong. It is shortsighted.”

She added that Washington believes that Saudi Arabia “was on the side of Russia. It will hurt the Americans” and that the US administration will “re-evaluate” its relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Source: TASS


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