WHO: 3000 people died in Ukraine for lack of care

At least 3,000 people died in Ukraine because they did not have access to drugs to treat chronic diseases, Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization’s regional director for Europe, said Tuesday.

Kluge added, in a regional meeting attended by representatives from 53 countries and senior officials from the World Health Organization, which the organization has so far documented about 200 attacks in Ukraine to health facilities and that the number of hospitals that continue to operate is very small.

Has explained in a speech that “40% of families have at least one member who needs treatment for a chronic disease that they can no longer find, causing at least 3,000 premature deaths that could have been avoided”, referring to diseases such as HIV. Acquired AIDS (AIDS) and cancer.

Last week, WHO officials said they were collecting prove for an investigation into possible war crimes in Russia’s attacks, which the organization claims to have documented. Russia has denied previous allegations by Ukraine and Western countries of possible war crimes, as well as targeting civilians.

During the meeting in Copenhagen, in which they participate online many members of the World Health Organization, members of the organization will discuss measures against Russia after its military operation in Ukraine, including the possibility of closing a major regional office in Moscow.

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