WHO: 40 million children at risk of contracting measles

The World Health Organization has announced that 40 million children are at risk of contracting measles, following a decline in measles vaccination coverage since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A joint report released by the WHO Centers for Disease Control and the US Centers for Disease Control revealed that 40 million children missed their measles vaccine dose, with 25 million children missing the first dose and 14.7 million children who missed the second dose, representing a major setback in global progress toward measles elimination, with declining vaccination rates, declining measles surveillance and ongoing interruptions and delays in immunization activities.

The report indicated that last year 2021 AD witnessed 9 million cases of tuberculosis, 128 thousand deaths and a devastating and widespread epidemic in 22 countries in all regions.

World Health Organization director-general Dr Tedros Adhanom described the situation as dangerous, in that measles is one of the most infectious viruses for humans and can be prevented by vaccination, underlining the need for two-movement vaccine coverage of 95% or more. Forming herd immunity and protecting communities.

He explained that only 81% of children receive the first dose of the vaccine and 71% receive the second dose, which is the lowest measles vaccination rate since 2008.

Tedros Adhanom underlined the need and importance of forgiveness in roadmap immunization programs, vaccinate all children against measles and invest in improved disease surveillance as a means of quickly detecting an outbreak.