Who is Ayman Al-Sayyari, the new governor of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia?

A royal decree was issued on Thursday appointing Ayman bin Muhammad bin Saud Al-Sayari as governor of the Saudi central bank, with the rank of minister.

For those unfamiliar with him, Ayman Al-Sayyari began his career at the Saudi Industrial Development Fund as a financial analyst, and holds a Chase Manhattan Bank Certificate in Credit Analysis.

In 1999 AD, Al-Sayyari officially joined the Central Bank “SAMA” (formerly Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency). The Central Bank lent him in 2003 to work in the Financial Markets Department at the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group in Washington for a period of 3 years.

The new central bank governor has continued his progression in positions until he was appointed deputy governor of the central bank for investment in 2013, and continued for several years.

During his tenure at the Central Bank, Al-Sayyari took direct responsibility for setting the public debt strategy for Saudi Arabia.

Since 2015, he has supervised the local sovereign issuance program named in Saudi riyals on behalf of the Ministry of Finance.

In February 2017, Al-Sayyari assumed the position of designated head of the Public Debt Management Bureau to oversee the development process of the public debt strategy in Saudi Arabia and ensure the achievement of a sustainable economy.

On 17 October 2019, a royal decree was issued appointing him Deputy Governor of the Central Bank.

A royal decree was also issued on 3 July 2022 appointing him deputy governor of the Saudi Central Bank for Investment and Research, with the rank of minister.

Ayman Al-Sayyari was a key member of the team of the international debt issuance programme, which managed to issue $17.5 billion worth of bonds, as well as arrange a $10 billion international syndicated loan.

Al-Sayyari led the team sovereign credit rating for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ayman Al-Sayyari has served on the board of directors of the Saudi Federation for Cyber ​​Security and Programming, the Public Pensions Agency and the Saudi Development Fund.

Al-Sayyari holds a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, a Masters in Business Administration in finance from George Washington University in the United States, as well as a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) certificate and the General Management Program from Harvard Business School.

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