who is die Brotherhood, die is involved in the formation of the Israeli anti-Netanyahu government?

It is in a historical snapshot indeed I have the Brotherhood politician from the Arab minority in Brought Israel together, Mansour Abbas, alongside a Jewish far-right leader and his allies, shortly after he agreed to assume the post of prime minister and give him a ruling majority in parliament.

The involvement of both sides in standing up to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu helped that Mansour Abbas is up on Wednesday evening die political stage crowded; The small Islamist faction has a simple majority for die reached Jewish parties, die Want to isolate Netanyahu. The United Arab List will die first party of the Arab minority, die 21% of the Israeli population participate in an Israeli government.

who is die Brotherhood, die is involved in the formation of the Israeli anti-Netanyahu government?

Mansour Abbas, Naftali Bennett, and Yair Lapid

Abbas, 47, who works as a dentist, puts aside his differences with Naftali Bennett, the new Prime Minister of the new government and the former leader of a large organization of Jewish settlements and a proponent of the annexation of most of the occupied West Bank. and said he hope die Improve conditions for Arab citizens, die Complain about discrimination and neglect by the government.

In a message to his supporters after the coalition agreement was signed, he said: His faction decided to join the government “To change the balance of political forces in the country,” “Reuters” quoted him, and if so die Government on die Support the Arab faction, will support it in be able to influence them and achieve achievements for them die arab community.

Abbas said, according to Reuters, that the coalition agreement will result in more than 53 billion shekels ($ 16 billion) being pumped out die Improve infrastructure and violence in to oppose Arab cities. But he faces criticism in the West Bank and Gaza, where his actions are viewed as prejudiced against Israel.

Abbas belongs to the city of Maghar in near Lake Tiberias, whose population is made up of Muslims and Druze. His party is the political wing of the southern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, die Founded in 1971 and its origins in the Muslim Brotherhood has. Before the coalition agreement was approved bat Abbas around die Approval of the Shura Council of the Islamic Movement.

Abbas’ party split from the main Arab alliance ahead of the March 23 elections in Israel (the Common List) starting after unsuccessful on die Cooperation with Netanyahu and other right-wing factions had resorted to die To improve the living conditions of the Arabs. Many Arabs criticize Abbas’ approach and wonder how he did die Can justify belonging to a government, die imposed a military occupation and siege on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on the Palestinians in the West Bank? The common list, die won six seats in the elections, did not comment on Abbas’ decision to join the coalition.

Abbas has die Coalition negotiations temporarily suspended during the 11-day fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip last month. However, Arik Rudnitzky of the Israel Democracy Institute said, “The decision to join the coalition represents a long-term strategic view.” He added: “Such a strategic option will not only be withdrawn because of violent incidents. If (die Arabs) have waited 70 years to in die Entering government, they can endure 70 days of violence with Gaza, “said so die Asharq Al-Awsat Newspaper.

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