Who is Naftali Bennett, Israel’s new Prime Minister?

The Israeli Knesset on Sunday gave right-wing Naftali Bennett, 49, confidence to become Israel’s new prime minister and thus die To succeed Benjamin Netanyahu, the die longest reign in the history of the Jewish state.

Bennett worked alongside Netanyahu for years and was one of his most loyal allies before turning against him and allying with the Israeli left and the Mansour Abbas Brotherhood, leader of the Arab list, to oust him.

Who is Naftali Bennett, Israel’s new Prime Minister?

Who is Naftali Bennett?

Bennett was born on March 25, 1972 in Haifa was born the son of American Jewish immigrants from California, according to a report in the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post, die published a detailed account of his personal and professional life.

He grew in secular families, but his family slowly took notice as a young child, whereas today he presents himself as a modern Orthodox.

Bennett served as a company commander in the elite units of the Israeli army “Sayeret Matkal” and “Magellan” and studied law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

After graduating, he started a high-tech company and later spent several years in New York, where he served as CEO of Cyota, a fraud prevention software company.

Bennett later oversaw the sale of the company for $ 145 million in 2005. Bennett later repeated the feat when another company he ran, Soloto, sold for $ 130 million in 2009.

Chief of Staff under Benjamin Netanyahu

After returning to Israel, Bennett turned to politics and was chief of staff under Benjamin Netanyahu, the opposition leader at the time, from 2006 to 2008 when he fell out with Netanyahu’s wife Sarah and was banned from the Likud party.

From January 2010 to January 2012, Bennett was General Director of Yesha Council, the umbrella organization for community councils for Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
In November 2012, Bennett was elected and led the religious right-wing Jewish Home Party die Party in the 2013 election to 12 seats in to win the Knesset, a number die die Party had not seen Religious Zionism in 36 years.

Naftali Bennett dressed in the 19th Knesset die Positions of Minister of Economy, Minister of Religious Affairs and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Mod bag

Bennett took advantage die Time to try transgressing the image of a nationalist religious leader and bypassing religious politics in order to reach centrist secular voters, and after the 2015 elections he first tried to get the Ministry of Defense portfolio that Netanyahu promised him before the vote had, but then pushed him to the post of Minister of Education, who had a traditional role for die National Religious Party is.

Bennett used the Department of Education to develop a post-sectarian identity, launched a program to encourage high school students to major in math and physics, and discussed the importance of this to Israel and how the education system was an engine of the country’s technology industry.

Although Bennett is known as a modern Orthodox, questions of religious legislation were never his passion, and his religious practice is less strict than die other pious politician. Bennett, for example, shakes women die Hand, and his wife Gilat, die originally from a secular family, does not cover her hair.

not orthodox

After the massacre in the tree of Life synagogue in In Pittsburgh, Bennett attended a memorial service there, despite not being an Orthodox, a move that he had before in Israeli religious parties was inconceivable.

Bennett supported the plan to open part of the Western Wall to equal and non-Orthodox prayer, which was later postponed due to ultra-Orthodox pressure.

When early elections were called in December 2018, Bennett and his partner Ayelet founded Shaked before the April 2019 elections die The New Right Party, however, crossed die Voting threshold not.

Under his leadership, his party won seven seats in the March 2021 election. On May 30, Bennett announced that he would serve as Prime Minister until August 2023 in would serve a broad unity government, then would Lapid die Take the presidency.

The new government coalition

Bennett was in sworn in by the Knesset after its new ruling coalition won parliament’s confidence.

The Knesset, consisting of 120 MPs, voted with a majority (60-59) for a coalition of the centrist politician Yair Lapid, die however was enough to die End 12 years of uninterrupted rule by Netanyahu.

Bennett promised in his speech to Parliament at the start of today’s special session that die Change Coalition will represent all of Israel.

The millionaire and former high-tech entrepreneur heads die right party Yamina, die advocates absolute economic liberalism and social openness.
He has skilfully embarked on his political path to Netanyahu’s right.

He was part of the Netanyahu government, which collapsed in 2018, and has held five ministerial positions since 2013, the last of which in 2020 die Defense was.

The coalition agreement sees a rotation in his presidency as Bennett will be Prime Minister for two years before handing over the helm to centrist Yair Lapid, coalition architect and former TV star.

Bennett is the first right-wing religious party leader in the history of Israel.

And he said on Friday that die next government “will work without exception as a single group for the benefit of the entire Israeli public – religious, secular, ultra-Orthodox and Arab – without exception.”
“I think we will be successful,” he added.

He said that his experience enables him to be the man who die Israeli economy after the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic in Attack takes, and struck in campaigned for the Singaporean model, suggesting that he would like to cut taxes and cut red tape.

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