Who is Nir Urbach, who die Lapid, Bennett and Abbas’ coalition government could overthrow?

Supporters of the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu organized demonstrations in front of the house of the Yamina MP Nir Urbach, whose party leader Yamina, die national-religious party Naftali Bennett, warned not to support him in the vote of confidence.

And if Urbach against die Coalition to be formed with the leftist Yair Lapid, the leader of the party “There is a future” and the leader of the Islamist movement in of the Arab world, Mansour Abbas, leader of the United Arab List, agrees.

Israeli press sources announced that the right wing has put Urbach under intense pressure to withdraw from the vote of confidence die to withdraw new government without leaving the party to prevent die new coalition die Required majority is obtained because it requires at least one vote in order to obtain the trust with a simple majority in die Win the Knesset.

Who is Nir Urbach, who die Lapid, Bennett and Abbas’ coalition government could overthrow?

“Those, die elected on the basis of right-wing votes should do the right thing by forming a strong and good right-wing government, “it said on Friday in a post on Netanyahu’s Facebook page.

And if last-minute defectors derail the alliance, Israel will likely be forced to go to its fifth election in a little over two years ago die To go to polls.

Removal of Netanyahuhu

The office of the President of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) Yariv Levin announced that die MPs officially over on Monday die To inform the opposition’s announcement that they would form a coalition to remove veteran Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Agence France-Presse said.

Israeli media reported that die notification die Preparing for a vote of confidence over die would trigger a new government die is expected to take place on the following Wednesday or Monday.

The end of Netanyahu’s 12-year term

The announcement, die was made late Friday by Netanyahu’s close ally Levin die Fears that die right-wing Likud party might find procedural ways around die To prevent the formation of a diverse coalition, die Netanyahu would end twelve consecutive years in power.

On paper should die Alliance announced by opposition leader Yair Lapid just a few minutes before the end of the midnight deadline on Wednesday, however, would receive a narrow majority in the vote of confidence die Attention is paid to die Possibility of divisions in addressed to the contradicting alliance, die only by die common hostility to Netanyahu. is united.

Under the agreement, Naftali Bennett of the nationalist religious party Yamina will serve as prime minister for two years and be replaced by the centrist Lapid in 2023.

Given the possibility of arresting him on corruption charges, Netanyahu is unlikely to volunteer die hoist the white flag. His supporters intensify their efforts between representatives of Bennett’s “Yamina” party and those who die Reservations about his alliance with the left and Arab representatives have to split.

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