Who is the deadliest Actor in Cinema History? You won’t believe how many kills they have

Hollywood Action Movie Stars

The Stars of Hollywood Action Movies

Oh, Hollywood and its action movies. There was a time when every blockbuster movie was an action movie with a big budget. It was a genre of its own, and for a while, audiences loved seeing muscle-bound characters who were almost invincible. To celebrate decades of cult action movies, the editorial staff of a website has created a ranking of the most deadly actors in Hollywood. One would think that stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone would dominate the list. After all, they were in Commando, Predator, Conan, and Rambo! But, surprisingly, they only came in 5th and 7th place, respectively! Let’s find out who is on the top of the list.

A Woman in the Top 2 – Milla Jovovich!

The ranking might surprise even the actors themselves, but Samuel L. Jackson, who starred in Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown, is the winner with 1,734 eliminations on screen. In the second place, it’s the famous Leeloo from The Fifth Element, played by Bruce Willis. She is responsible for 1,300 eliminations in over 40 films, including Resident Evil. The only woman among the top 20, Milla Jovovich¬†ranking speaks volumes about her acting prowess. In third place, we have Jet Li, who has eliminated 1,076 fictitious victims on screen. Interestingly, Keanu Reeves, who is a rising star in the action genre for his role in John Wick, is far behind the top three with only 387 eliminations.

Here is the final ranking:

  1. Samuel L. Jackson (1734)

  2. Milla Jovovich (1299)

  3. Jet Li (1076)

  4. Dolph Lundgren (940)

  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger (842)

  6. Steven Seagal (822)

  7. Sylvester Stallone (794)

  8. Jason Statham (718)

  9. Kevin Costner (670)

  10. Wesley Snipes (593)

  11. Nicolas Cage (588)

  12. Chuck Norris (485)

  13. Keanu Reeves (387)

  14. Jean-Claude Van Damme (480)

  15. Gerard Butler (425)

  16. Clint Eastwood (382)

  17. Dwayne Johnson (368)

  18. Tom Cruise (363)

  19. Daniel Craig (348)

  20. Sean Bean (344)

The same website also ranked movie characters based on the number of insults they uttered, and unsurprisingly, Samuel L. Jackson topped that list, too, with 301 profanities.