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Who is the Egyptian marine scientist made famous by the Google engine?

Google celebrated the birthday of the Egyptian oceanographer who hosted Sea World on Egyptian TV for over 18 years.

The Google Engine honored the Egyptian scientist Hamed Abdel Fattah Gohar in recognition of his efforts in disseminating various information and fulfilling his educational mission regarding water bodies and the role of man in them, and this year marks the 115th anniversary of the late Egyptian scientist’s birth.

Hamid Abdel Fattah Gohar was born in 1907 and died on June 17, 1992, that is, he lived for 85 years, devoting his life to an educational and cultural mission. He received his primary education at the Islamic Benevolent Society School and entered the Royal High School, whose name was later changed to Khedive Ismail. He also received his bachelor’s degree in 1925 when the Egyptian University was founded.

When it came time to enter the university, he decided to study medicine, but soon chose the direction of study at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. He received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors, so he was appointed assistant in the department of animal science at the college. Two years after his graduation, that is, in 1931, he submitted his first master’s thesis. , whose topic was “Exact anatomy and endocrine histology of the rabbit”.

Marine Scientist Hamed Gohar, as he has always been called, completes his academic journey by joining the Marine Biological Station in Hurghada and continues scientific research on Red Sea creatures until he earns a PhD in this field of knowledge to prepare after that for deeper life stations and achievements. In the area to which he gave his life in the knowledge and study of it.

Source: Al-Masri Al-Youm.


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