Who is the Jordanian officer killed in fuel protests?

A hot night was experienced by some areas of Jordan, in protest against the increase in fuel prices, only to return to calm after the Jordanian Directorate of Public Security announced the death of Colonel Abdel-Razzaq Abdel-Hafez Al- Dalabeh due to terrorists’ bullets in the Husseiniya area in Ma’an Governorate, south of Jordan.

• Who is Colonel Dalabeh?

Colonel Abd al-Razzaq al-Dalabeh was born on May 15, 1977. Prior to his death, he held the position of Deputy Police Officer in Ma’an Governorate and holds the rank of Colonel of Public Security. He resides with his family in Jerash Governorate. He studied secondary education at Zaid bin Harith School in 1996, while he started in He studied law at Mutah University in 2000, and enrolled in a master’s degree in public international law from 24 July 2013 to June 2015.

Colonel Al Dalabeh holds a PhD in public law and his last post was deputy director of police of Ma’an governorate. He held many positions and worked in several places in the Jordanian Public Security Directorate. Criminal Court”.

It also has scientific research results published in peer-reviewed journals, such as “The Reality of Distance Learning in Teaching Science and English in Light of the Corona Pandemic” and “The Impact of social media on the Spread of crimes”.

Colonel Abdul Razzaq Al Dalabeh worked at the United Nations Mission in Darfur from 26 February 2016 to 27 February 2017. He also held the position of Deputy Dean and Assistant Professor at the Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II Academy for Civil Protection.

Colonel Dalabeh has been married since 7 June 2003 and has four children: three girls and a boy, Muhammad.

• Obituary for a professional friend

The spokesman of the media for Jordanian General Security, Colonel Amer al-Sartawi, wished to mourn his colleague, Ma’an Deputy Police Director Colonel al-Dalabeh, with whom he was associated at university and after, describing him as a religiously committed young man who distinguished himself in his work and who died after being shot on the head.

Colonel Al-Sartawi wrote through his official account on the site social network: “Martyr Abd Al-Razzaq Al-Dalabeh is under the protection of God… We do not praise anyone before God… I was an example of morals… for religious committed and distinguished young man, Abd Al-Razzaq (Abu Muhammad), son of my role, we associate with university and after.

Colonel Al-Sartawi went on to say, “Abdul-Razzaq was not chosen with us, but he joined us a few days later when one of the students refused to continue with military training, so he was called immediately to enter the university, as if the via of martyrdom and heroism he asked… On his first day, we saw that young man come from Al-Kafir village, he is full of confidence and kindness, and from the first moment he emerged due to his Physical fitness and he commitment, which Abu Muhammad has maintained until today, the day of his martyrdom, by God’s mercy, will remain an example of discipline and morals.

• Last message

activists about social media they spread a post published by the late Colonel Al-Dalabeh after he announced the news of his death.

The last thing the martyr al-Dalabeh published were verses of poems from Abi al-Baqaa al-Randi’s poem from Lamentations for Andalusia, which he composed after the fall of the last Muslim lands in Andalusia:

For everything if there is a decrease, don’t let a person’s good life fool you
These are the things as countries have witnessed them.
And this house holds no one and does not last as it is
Eternity inevitably rips via every poisonous woman if she grows honorable men and women
And every sword ends in annihilation, even if it were the son of Dhi Yazan, and the sheath is two sheaths.
Where are the crowned kings of Yemen, and where are their garlands and crowns?
And where is the domain of Shaddad in Iram, and where is the domain of Sassan in Persia?
And where is what Qarun possessed of gold, and where is Ad, Shaddad and Qahtan?
An irreversible matter hit everyone until they died, and it was as if people were who they were

The Jordanian Public Security Directorate said it continues its work to preserve the security of the homeland and protect its citizens, and will strike with an iron fist against anyone who tries to attack public lives and property and threatens the safety of the homeland and citizen .

And the Directorate of Public Security stressed that, while guaranteeing the protection of freedom of opinion and peaceful expression, it will negotiate in compliance with the provisions of the law and with the appropriate use of force with anyone who commits riots and vandalism, wherever they are, and will not allow criminals and vandals to exploit this circumstance to harm the lives of citizens and terrorize them.

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