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Who pays the most famous Egyptian lawyer to defend the accused of killing the student Mansoura!

Rumors that Farid El-Deeb, the lawyer of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, accepted the defense of the accused of killing Mansoura student Naira Ashraf, have sparked much controversy. in Egypt and questions about who can pay the exorbitant fees of L’avvocato.

The announcement of the possibility of welcoming El-Deeb, considered by many to be the most famous lawyer in Egypt, to defend Mohamed Adel, the student accused of killing his colleague with a knife in front of Mansoura University, two days before the session of sentencing, after the criminal court had referred the defendant’s papers to the Mufti della Repubblica for legal opinion, death penalty.

Some on social media criticized Al-Deeb for agreeing to defend what they described as a “killer” who was filmed committing his crime that shocked public opinion in Egypt.

But the lawyer said he is not defending a crime, “but I am defending an accused of committing a crime, and there is a big difference between them, and my job is to work on proper law enforcement and deal with the failure to properly apply its provisions to the accused in various cases ”, as reported by the Egyptian newspaper“ Al-Shorouk ”. Al-Deeb added that he was provoked by the judge’s statement, which he delivered to the public during the last session, including the conviction of the accused, before the court issued a unanimous conviction verdict.

It is interesting to note that the speech by Counselor Bahaa Al-Marri, head of the trial, which he gave before referring the accused to the Mufti, sparked legal controversy, for his words and for what has been called the conviction of the judge of the accused and the right to his death, before all members of the circuit condemned him.

Al-Deeb revealed his intention to study the verdict, which is expected to be delivered tomorrow, Wednesday, and his merit, to appeal against him, indicating in statements to the site web “Masrawy” for not accepting the defense of the accused, Mohamed Adel, so far.

On the other hand, the question of the famous lawyer’s fees, if he accepts the case, has raised many questions, as he is known to receive large sums of money in changing its defense of defendants, such as former president Hosni Mubarak and his two sons, former Egyptian interior minister Habib al-Adly, and businessman Hassan Rateb, and other celebrities.

The newspaper “Ahl Masr” quoted Nada Adel, the defendant’s sister, who claimed that the family had not been contacted in about this story, saying: “Thank you, Farid Al-Deeb, and justice will be done in the overturning of the death sentence and all the groups in society who sympathized with Muhammad Akhiya, victim of exploitation by the girl’s family”, he said . He added: “We, as a family, have pledged to be silent and not to answer, but the right law and its procedures will be activated in the next period”, stressing that the blood collection campaigns seriously demonstrate public sympathy. for a young woman of twenty who was wronged at the hands of the deceased girl and her family before committing the crime in front of the gates of the University of Mansoura “.

While Tariq Al-Awadi, a lawyer and member of the presidential pardon committee, found on his Twitter account that Farid Al-Deeb “agreed to defend the accused of killing Naira at the request of his sympathizers. in Egypt and in Greece, explaining that they were the ones who paid the fees. “Al-Awadi commented:” The tragedy of this reality is that there are people who have raised millions and brought them to the most expensive lawyer in Egypt to pay them to someone who was killed openly during the day, who they don’t know and don’t know. Before us are imprisoned families in cases of opinion that literally sold the “furniture” of their house, none of these people thought about it.

This comes after the family of the victim student, Naira Ashraf, announced her rejection of the campaign launched by the lawyer, Ahmed Mahran, and her call to raise money to be paid as a ransom to the family, to reduce the murderer’s sentence. .

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Mahran said he was not doing it in defense of the killer, but rather as “out of pity for his mother”. On the other hand, Ashraf Gharib, the victim’s father, stated in a televised statement: “I reject what lawyer Ahmed Mahran claimed Naira Ashraf’s sister hinted at in a post on social media to the payment of the blood money, and there is no hint, and I refuse this speech and I will sue the lawyer who spoke about it because we do not want only a punishment for the killer of my daughter, which is death. ”


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