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Who will play QB for Dolphins in 2020? Ranking 9 most likely scenarios, from Tua Tagovailoa to Tom Brady


The Dolphins are resting on almost $90 million in wage cap space, more than any team in the NFL for the 2020 offseason. They likewise have a league- leading 3 first-round choices for the 2020 draft at their disposal.

That leaves Miami with a number of possible results when it comes to who will quarterback the team to start the 2020 routine season. Just one thing is specific– third-year backup Josh Rosen won’ t be the person.

Here are the 9 scenarios for Miami’s QB scenario next season, ranked from most to least likely.

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Tua Tagovailoa

1. Dolphins draft Tua Tagovailoa

The Dolphins have the No. 5, No. 18 (from the Steelers) and No. 26 (from the Texans) choices. If they sit tight there’s a likelihood they would have a clear chance at Tagovailoa 5th general with Joe Burrow (Bengals) and Chase Young (Redskins) going 1-2. With the non-QB clingy Giants at No. 4, it boils down to what the Lions do at No. 3. They might opt for the very best protective gamer readily available, however the Lions likewise might set themselves up to change Matthew Stafford with Tagovailoa or trade down with another team who desires Tagovailoa.

If Miami likes Tua enough, the team would definitely have the capability to make the minor trade up to No. 3 to land the Alabama possibility, who’s trending towards a tidy expense of health soon following season-ending hip surgical treatment. The Dolphins, nevertheless you take a look at it, are best located to land the second QB off the board.

They likewise have an excellent contingency strategy for the short-term must Tagovailoa need a little additional time to get physically ideal with Ryan Fitzpatrick still having one more year left on a sensible bridge QB agreement. They likewise have 2 high draft chooses with which to develop Tagovailoa’s offending assistance and brand-new offending planner Chan Gailey has a long history of getting the very best out of quarterbacks with various capability.

The Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes simply showed once again that a strong formula for winning big in the NFL is striking on a novice QB who rapidly discovers his high ceiling. Tagovailoa’s advantage can’t be rejected and the chance to get him might be too excellent to pass up.

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2. Dolphins draft Justin Herbert

However, the Dolphins may believe Herbert, the former Oregon QB who looks the part at 6-6, 237 pounds, with a precise arm and sufficient athleticism, is that possible transcendent QB at No. 5 (or earlier) after Burrow is off the board. When Sporting News talked to Tagovailoa and Herbert prior to EA Sports Bowl in Miami throughout Super Bowl week, both of them appeared right at home, prepared and ready to return for the long run to play for the Dolphins.

While the leading worry about Tagovailoa is health, Herbert brings more of a straight-up boom-or-bust feel with his physical characteristics. While Herbert might quickly be the next Carson Wentz, there’s some who believe he can wind up like Paxton Lynch.

That stated, Herbert would benefit from the exact same coaching and personnel dedication that Tagovailoa would. The Dolphins secured DeVante Parker after his long-awaited big breakout season and in between him, Preston Williams and tight end Mike Gesicki, there’s a strong novice QB- friendly getting corps. This boils down to the Dolphins merely liking Herbert more than Tagovailoa.

3. Dolphins draft Jordan Love

The Dolphins obviously do not need to utilize No. 5 general at all to get their quarterback and rather can wait to take their QB with among their late first-round choices. Love is a fantastic prospect for choice at either No. 18 or No. 26 since the Utah State QB matches the high advantage of Tagovailoa and Herbert, vs. Washington’s Jacob Eason or Georgia’s Jake Fromm.

At 6-4, 225 pounds, Love has prototypical size, and when he’s on, he can utilize his arm to zip the ball anywhere downfield from either inside or outside the pocket. He requires strong NFL coaching to restore his precision and performance, however like Herbert, he stuck out in that location at the Senior Bowl.

This boils down to the Dolphins having time on their side to establish Love, simply like they would with Tagovailoa and Herbert, with the real goal of having him prepared to address his best in Year 2, a la Mahomes. Miami has actually been connected most to Tagovailoa in the draft procedure, however there’s an early sense they continue to show Love increasing love as an option.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

4. Dolphins stick to Ryan Fitzpatrick

This is a underrated situation. Sure Fitzpatrick is a 37- year-old journeyman on his 8th team, however he’s had a good two-year stretch with the Buccaneers and Dolphins and did have among his best well-rounded seasons when Gailey was his Jets offending planner. Fitzpatrick led and triggered Miami well in 2019 as the team went 5-4 in the second half after beginning 0-7.

No is anticipating the Dolphins to compete for much whether they have a novice first-round starter or Fitzpatrick. If they do not desire to force the concern at quarterback in the draft, they can roll with Fitzpatrick. He may need to start early, anyhow, to keep the pocket warm for Tagovailoa, Herbert, Love.

The worst case with flying solo with Fitzpatrick can develop into the very best case– that the Dolphins fall back enough to either land the No. 1 choice in 2021 to get Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence or are still placed for Ohio State’s Justin Fields. The very best case is they enhance enough to enter wild-card contention, producing a more preferable environment for their next QB, novice or or otherwise.

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6. Dolphins sign Tom Brady

Brady may be more predestined to go AFC West to either the Chargers or the Raiders must he not re-sign with the Patriots. With the former New England existence of coach Brian Flores, Miami is right up there with Tennessee and Mike Vrabel as a familiar, comfy scenario for Brady.

Still, the Dolphins are a restoring team, unlike the Titans, and likewise do not have the surrounding skill (yet) to have big rebound capacity into the playoffs like the Chargers or the Raiders. The method to modification that in Miami, is to take full advantage of all the free-agent and draft resources to all of a sudden build a team that’s prepared to win now, and stress much less about a sustainable future.

Brady and the Dolphins will work just if he’s one big part of a huge splash of veteran skill acquisition and he feels they likewise will load up on more immediate-impact novices. They might think about that method, provided there will be no much better time to jump the Patriots than their first season postBrady As enjoyable as it would be to see Brady deal with Costs Belichick’s team without him two times in the AFC East, it’s a long shot.

7. Dolphins draft a QB besides Tagovailoa, Herbert or Love

Eason, Fromm and Oklahoma’s Jalen Injures total the 6 quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft class with real NFL franchise beginning capacity. Injures, since of winning pedigree and dual-threat abilities, more suits Miami shooting for the moon at the position.

However it’s hard to see the Dolphins going for a non first- rounder vs. either simply getting aggressive to address QB early or tabling the position draft-wise up until2021 Miami decreasing the middle for a moderate option makes little sense which likewise uses to totally free firm.

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Philip Rivers

8. Dolphins sign Philip Rivers or another free-agent QB

Brady is the most significant readily available name out there, provided neither Dak Prescott (franchise tag or Cowboys’ long-lasting offer) nor Drew Brees (retirement or Saints’ brief-team offer) are anticipated to struck the market, however he’s not the only practical name. Rivers won’ t be returning to the Chargers and he simply moved his family from Southern California to Florida.

Rivers represents the very best achieved veteran option to Brady for the Dolphins to still carry out the “all in” offseason strategy. After him, forget former Dolphin Ryan Tannehill. Going to either Jameis Winston or Teddy Bridgewater won’ t work unless they can get them for less than overinflated open-market offers. It comes down to taking an opportunity on Marcus Mariota, which is back to going to unneeded medium danger.

In the end, it’s likely to be Brady or nobody for the Dolphins in the free-agent path. Fitzpatrick and a novice makes more sense than taking a costly possibility on a mid-career QB.

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9 Dolphins trade up for Joe Burrow

The Dolphins might go nuts in the draft and attempt to make the Bengals a deal they can’t decline producing some pleasing bundle utilizing their numerous first- rounders. That’s presuming they believe Burrow can be that much better than Tagovailoa or Herbert.

Miami may need to quit a little to ensure it does get Tua vs. a QB starving field, however quiting a ton for Burrow and losing the capital with which to get assistance for him does not sound terrific, provided there’s no assurance Burrow is can’t- miss out on and can press towards Mahomes’ elite play any much better than Tagovailoa or Herbert.

A first-round novice is still the most likely starter for the Dolphins next season. Tagovailoa and Herbert have to do with even, while you can take Burrow off the board now.

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