Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain address their heated argument on the last episode of “The View”

#Roommates, it’s been over 24 hours and people are still talking about the very vivid argument that arose between “The View” panelists, Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain. Things got so intense that Whoopi firmly said to Meghan, “Girl, please stop!”

As we previously reported, during the December 16 episode, Meghan continually interrupted Whoopi and her panelist colleague Sunny Hostin as they attempted to speak out on the removal of Donald Trump. That’s when Whoopi got tired of Meghan and told her to stop talking.

After Whoopi said, girl, please stop! “Meghan responded with” well, I won’t say anything for the rest of the show “and perfectly aware, Whoopi responded with,” I agree with that. “However, Meghan continued to talk about Whoopi and it was then that Whoopi decided to go commercial.

Fast forward to the last episode, and Whoopi and Meghan assured viewers that everything was fine and all the love between the two. Whoopi opened the show with this statement:

“We’re just going to do a little clean up before we do anything. Things are heating up on this show. If you watch the show, you know it has happened over the years. We are really passionate about it. is our job. We come in, we talk to each other, sometimes we’re not as polite as possible. That’s how it is.

“But you’re going to be dealing with the same thing when you’re sitting around your table with your family and you disagree or someone says something and derails. It’s part of what we do This does not mean that women cannot sit and talk. It does not mean that we do not know how to deal with each other on camera, it happens in real time. on this real-time show and everyone, you know, wherever you sit in all this, don’t assume you, that we’re here with butcher knives under the table, you know? It just doesn’t work not that way. “

She went on, adding:

“It’s our concert. And sometimes it derails and it does. So if you can say that it never happened to any of you … (laughs) … that you never did … you understand where it came from. So calm down. It’s a TV show. We are together for an hour and we enter the poop. Okay? We get into shit and stuff happens and everyone calms down. “

Meghan followed Whoopi’s comments with her own feeling:

“May I say something? Whoopi and I get along very well. I love you very much. I love you for a long time. You were good friends with my father. We fight as if we were a family. is perfect. We’re not tearing it apart. Calm down all of you. Okay? It’s perfect. “

Welp, there it is… they will fight again soon enough.

Roommates, what do you think?

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