Why are these countries opposed to the Nord Stream 2 gas line?

Nord Stream 2, the new pipeline to export Russian gas in Europe across the Baltic Sea comes after the successful construction and operation of the first gas pipeline of the same name in 2011.

The Nord Stream 2 is in construction on Line 1 from Russia to Northern Germany and the rest of Western Europe via an existing pipeline network.

The pipeline, completed in September 2021, extends 1,200 km below the water’s surface and is in capable of transporting 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year, which means it will double the amount of Russian gas destined for Europe with its launch.

The main contributor to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is Gazprom, which financed 50% of it, and in which 5 European companies, including Dutch Shell and the Austrian OMV, will jointly finance the other half of the project’s value, knowing that the cost to build it is 11 billion dollars.

Nord Stream 2 will increase Europe’s dependence on Russian gas, but at the same time ensure low-cost supplies to Europe in light of decreasing production capacities in some countries, including the Netherlands, in absence of investments in the sector during the last few years, noting that Europe depends on Russia to guarantee 35% of its gas needs, ahead of Nord Stream 2.

The pipeline will also increase Russia’s influence on gas markets, because it will allow it, if it so wishes, to cut gas from Eastern Europe, in particularly from Ukraine, without having to cut gas from Western Europe.

However, Nord Stream 2 will also give Russia the chance to gain significant control over European energy sources.

The controversial pipeline has seen delays and opposition from several parties, in particularly Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia, which would lose gas transit taxes through their territories.

He also witnessed the American opposition, arguing that Europe would become a hostage of Russia, and Washington took steps to delay the project, including imposing sanctions on Russia.

On the other hand, Germany considers Nord Stream 2 necessary to develop its industries and meet the growing needs of the country, especially since it relies on Russia to guarantee 50% of its gas imports.

But Germany at the same time confirms that it will make an effort to prevent Ukraine’s gas cut and has put in guard against disruption of the operation of the project in case of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, due to the worsening of tensions between the two sides.

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