Why aren’t there special jerseys for the NBA Christmas games?

In the past, NBA teams that got to play Christmas Day would wear special uniforms for the occasion. But if you watch the games this year, you’ll notice that all these jerseys have been seen before. So … what happened to the special Christmas costumes?

The answer is simple: Christmas jerseys died when the NBA changed from adidas to Nike.

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The switch happened at the beginning of the 2017-18 season and we haven’t seen any Christmas jerseys since then. Unfortunately for those who are curious, there seems to be no reason why Nike killed the delivery. Perhaps the company felt that it was not necessary to spend time and effort on creating a whole outfit for a game. Or maybe Nike wanted to make its own story and not follow the adidas Christmas tradition.

Regardless of the reason, it seems clear that so far Nike is not interested in making special suits for the event. Nike’s refusal to do so has upset some NBA fans, including one that the company has paid millions of dollars to: LeBron James.

MAN wish I got into the closet tomorrow and we had Christmas Costumes! It’s a MUST bring these back @ Nike @ nikebasketball I’ve seen these Lakers ???? unis over the airways. Sheesh !!!! ????

– LeBron James (@KingJames) December 25, 2019

Will Nike hear about LeBron in 2020?

Although the teams did not receive special Christmas jerseys in 2019, many of the teams will opt to wear their City Edition uniforms. So it’s something different, but not something unique on vacation.

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