Why do medical teams reject in France from the vaccine?

Nearly die Half of the medical staff in France refuses to take the corona vaccine as they were disappointed during the epidemic that spread in the country last year.

Funded at the beginning of the pandemic die French authorities die Futility of wearing masks while nurses and doctors were doing their jobs, resulting in exposure to coronavirus infection and this caused about 50% of medical staff to refuse to die to get coronavirus vaccination.

Marie France has been working since fast thirty years as a nurse in French hospitals. She refused to receive the vaccine and hired die Statements from the health authorities in Question until they are accused of lying.

“Traffic pass”

She said, “The authorities are talking about a health pass that forces us to take the vaccine indirectly, and the Ministry of Health explains that die Taking is not compulsory and at the same time we cannot travel if we do not have this passport, die confirms that the result is that die Vaccination is mandatory, which means they’ll lie again.

Malika Al Arabi, a union mother, die as a nursing assistant in Hospitals working in western Paris adds, “I have been working during the pandemic outbreak in France worked on the front lines last year … and repeatedly asked about the shortage of masks for die Nurses and their assistants, in knowing that some doctors and heads of medical departments had enough tools to prevent the virus from happening. “

Reduced injuries

In connection with the epidemiological situation, the French Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that die The number of corona patients in intensive care units has decreased by 126 cases, which corresponds to a total of 5504 cases.

The ministry’s data also showed a decrease in the total number of hospitalized patients, die treated for the virus to 523 after two days increase to a total of 28,427.

France reported 243 new hospital deaths from the coronavirus, compared with 311 the previous day.

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