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Why do men choose young girls?

Dr. Anton Denisenkov, psychologist at the SM Clinic in Moscow, revealed the reasons why men choose younger women.

The specialist points out in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper that if we return to the basics of human formation, we will notice that conflicts and dominance were the basis for the existence of males in nature. The dominant male chooses a female whose age corresponds to the most suitable physiological framework for childbearing.

According to him, in addition to this, a mature male becomes a storehouse of useful information in the eyes of a girl, ranging from ordinary everyday advice to various life stories. A man’s attraction to a younger girl may also lie in his belief that it is easier to impose his own rules in a relationship due to her lack of experience.

He says: “The most important point in this area is that men with younger girls feel younger. They also have an increased sex drive. This is not just a desire, but a vital energy that they must cherish and nurture, and not allow it to dry up, because its consequences are negative in many aspects.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.


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