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Why has India fined Amnesty International more than (6) million dollars?

India fined the local branch of Amnesty International approximately $ 6.5 million for financial crimes after an investigation called “persistent persecution” by the human rights organization.

Directorate of law enforcement, the agency that investigates financial crimes in the country, said on Friday that Amnesty violated India’s funding rules by using overseas donations to expand its domestic operations.

The agency said in a statement that the international organization must pay a $ 6.5 million fine and its former director, Akar Patel, must pay an additional $ 1.3 million fine.

Amnesty International has not yet commented on the announcement of the fine.

The organization has finished its operations in India in 2020 after the government blocked its bank accounts. At the time, he said he felt the victim of the “continuing persecution of human rights groups by the Indian government for unfounded reasons”.

Amnesty International and other NGOs consider themselves victims of harassment by the Hindu nationalist government of Narendra Modi, for criticizing the way in treating Indian minorities and denouncing abuses committed in conflict zones, in particular in Kashmir.

Amnesty was prosecuted for sedition after organizing a conference in 2016 on human rights violations in Kashmir. The accusations came in later withdrawn.

Then, its offices in Bangalore (south) were raided in 2018 by the direction of law enforcement.

At the beginning of questyear, Patel was not in unable to leave the country due to legal proceedings and was prevented from boarding a flight to the United States at Bangalore Airport by members of the Central Bureau of Investigation, the Indian detective agency.


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