Why is Grant Morrison’s Dad Creating a Buzz on Twitter?

Grant Morrison’s Father’s One-Man Strike


Grant Morrison’s father began trending on Twitter on May 17 after BBC Archive posted a video in honor of his one-man strike against his former employer. The video explained that Walter Morrison, Grant Morrison’s father, was staging a one-man campaign outside of a printing works for five months after he was unjustly fired from his job as a screen printer.

Walter Morrison’s One-Man Strike

Every morning for five months, Walter Morrison would walk to the printing works at the same time that he would have if he still worked there. The video explained that Morrison was a registered disabled person who was accepted into the firm under the quota provisions of the Disabled Persons Act. He was trained by the firm and felt that they shouldn’t have dismissed him, let alone used redundancy as the pretext, “to get rid of a shop steward.”

Twitter Celebrates Grant Morrison’s Father

Many people posted about the BBC Archive video on May 17 and praised Morrison’s father for his actions. Others also responded and reacted to a quote tweet featuring text from The Guardian‘s 2004 obituary for Morrison that highlights his pacifism and unwillingness to comply with violent orders during his time in the army in 1942.


Walter Morrison passed away on Feb. 6, 2004. Grant Morrison is a well-known and beloved figure in the comics industry known for their work on various titles, including as a co-creator of Damian Wayne/Robin alongside Andy Kubert.

Sources: Twitter, The Guardian

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