Why kombucha is one to see in the low/no alcohol market

A considerable boost in need for alcohol options has really triggered fast development in the low/no alcohol sector, and information expose the market grew by a shocking ₤₤ 78,000,000 from 2017 to2019 Customers are picking their beverages more thoroughly and, just recently, we have really seen a shift towards options like kombucha, providing drinkers more intricacy and advantages than your average alcohol- totally free option.

Kombucha has an unique, advanced taste and is available in a range of flavours, making it a great drink option for those wanting something revitalizing and interesting to beverage without the headache the early morning after.


Kombucha’s big range of various flavours recommends there is a range to win over every customer. From the crisp taste of unflavoured kombucha, which has notes of apple and lemon, to kombucha flavoured with strawberry, ginger, elderflower and even hops, the possibilities are endless.

The underlying flavour of the shining beverage is tart, with a tip of sweet taste and a light fizziness, and this offers it a similar taste to numerous alcohols, such as cider and white wine. The fermentation treatment of kombucha provides it an intricacy that suggests drinkers can still thrill in that tang, without the alcohol.


Kombucha is remarkably versatile and is being considerably utilized in bar settings as an option to standard mixers and mixed drink bases.

Unlike alcohol, kombucha is socially suitable to take in at any time of day. Some choose to consume it in the early morning on an empty stomach, as it offers a healthy increase of anti-oxidants and probiotics to start the day on a high. Others reach for a cold glass when they hit an afternoon downturn, as its light carbonation with a touch of sugar can offer a much-needed energy boost.

For that reason, kombucha sales are not just very little to clubs and bars. The item can be offered in the cooled beverage area at grocery stores, corner store and coffeehouse to use an option to coffee or high sugar energy drinks.

Kombucha is similarly a great option to deal to customers as a meal accompaniment as it is understood to help food digestion, and due to its carbonation it can also help you feel fuller– a valuable method when attempting to slimdown This special selling point sets it apart from its alcohol equivalents, like beer, gewurztraminer and cider, which can be very calorific in contrast.

The health benefits

Throughout its fermentation procedure, Kombucha ends up abounding in natural acids such as acetic acid, gluconic acid and glucuronic acid. These acids are great for the body’s cleaning procedure, as they boost liver function, indicating it can work to its optimal level to get rid of toxins and chemicals from the body[1] Gluconic acid also supports the growth of bifidobacterica[2] in the gut, which helps food digestion and gut health. The fermentation procedure similarly makes Kombucha abundant in anti-oxidants, supporting the body immune system, minimizing swelling and protecting cells from oxidative stress.

The fermentation procedure similarly makes Kombucha naturally low in sugar, as the cooperative culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) that is utilized throughout the establishing treatment takes in the sugar and changes it into the healthy natural acids detailed above.

kombucha emma

Emma Thackray

Kombucha’s appeal has actually skyrocketed over the past couple of years as numerous clients switch their alcohols for a renewing glass of ‘Booch’ and, as the world ends up being even more health focused, we will no doubt see an extra increase in Kombucha sales.

Kombucha is merely amongst a selection of incredible alcohol options so, while alcohol will most definitely preserve its big share of the beverages market, the tide towards other options that aren’t just your standard orange juice or lemonade, has really certainly turned.

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