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Why MLB’s proposed playoff expansion won’ t encourage teams to spend


MLB is thinking about an expansion to its playoff format that would consist of 7 playoff teams in each league, with 6 completing in a best-of-three opening round for an area in the divisional series, according to Joel Sherman of the New York City Post. The modification might be executed as early as 2022.

There are undoubtedly a lot of things to unload with this concept, and there are no doubt numerous baseball fans upset at the possibility of more modification to the material of thegame There’s a specific line of believing that is worth specific attention since of the method it will form discourse around the principle.

Sherman’s report consists of the list below sentence, provided as truth:

If more teams are feasible for the playoffs, they will spend more to chase an area. A club that forecasts itself internally to, state, 81 wins would consider including to get to 84-85 and have an opportunity of being even among 7 playoff teams per league.

At first glimpse, the point of view makes good sense. A choose group of clubs may choose to deepen their lineups in hopes of tasting October baseball. The takeaway disregards the more comprehensive reward a broadened playoff field would produce: a race to mediocrity, not quality.

Why would balance teams pursue pricey super stars if they could reach the postseason with a win overall in the low 80 s? Why would above-average teams attempt to maintain their finest players (such as Mookie Betts) if they’re most likely headed to a best-of-three play- in circumstance no matter their relocations?

Best-case circumstance, then, the minor increase in inspiration for middle-of-the-road teams to improve would counteract the lessened reward for great teams to enhance, preserving a status quo that has actually been greatly slammed for motivating rich owners to be inexpensive. At worst, the landscape would move even more from the arms race for elite lineups that fans are worthy of.

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There are a lot of examples of average teams that have actually made splashes this offseason that in the proposed playoff format may not be so inspired to load up. Would the Diamondbacks sign Madison Bumgarner understanding their 85-win team from a year earlier would most likely suffice to reach the playoffs? Would the Reds stock up on skill? Perhaps not.

It’s a dilemna well-explained by Dan Szymborski of FanGraphs on Twitter:

To put it simply, this type of system motivates *more * teams like Boston to trade their Mookie Betts, not less. It develops a system in which any team that does not have an excellent chance at the # 1 seed * ought * to concentrate on winning ~87 games.

— Dan Szymborski (@DSzymborski) February 10,2020

There are possibly reasons that a broadened playoff format would work for baseball. Those cases will certainly be set out in the coming weeks. Arguing that it would lead to more team costs appears like a stretch– and potentially the reverse of what would in fact happen.

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