Why Neena Gupta remained single during her pregnancy

Neena Gupta has opened up at son subject decision not to marry while she was pregnant with her daughter.

Gupta got pregnant with her daughter Masaba during her relationship with Sir Vivian Richards. However, she gave birth out of wedding.

She chose not to marry for convenience during pregnancy and raised Masaba Gupta as a bachelor mother.

Neena Gupta revealed it all in A conversation with Sonali Bendre at son subject new autobiography Sach Kahun Toh.

She said that even though she had offers of marriage, she chose not to settle for sake of he.

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the veteran the actress said:

“I was too proud of myself. I said I won’t get married because I need a name, because I will get money.

“Like about this person who is gay. It was proposed to me, that ‘you will have a name and you will do what you want’.

“I would never do that.”

Neena Gupta is gone on say that Sir Vivian Richards was one of the reasons why she chose not to marry anyone other.

According to Gupta, she felt an attachment to Richards and couldn’t see herself with any other man.

She said:

“I was always attached to Vivian, even though we met very rare. But there was a whole connection for many years. There was a connection with Masaba also.

“We used to go for vacation together sometimes, and regardless of how long Masaba spent with he or I spent with was very kind to him.

“There was not problem because we were far from him house. He has a wife and he has children.

“I will always cherish these memories.

“Besides, I was not interested in someone else.

“I was very happy that, okay, the circumstances were such that we couldn’t get together, but no matter what time we were spend together it’s nice.

“I was also very happy that Masaba can spend time together.

“Later on, she grew up up. So you know how Things are happening. “

Despite the choice not to marry for convenience, Neena Gupta also revealed that she almost got married to one man.

The autobiography of Neena Gupta Sach Kahun Toh details many milestones in his life, of son time in Bollywood to her unconventional pregnancy.

Speaking with Kareena Kapoor Khan on on launch day of son book, Gupta talked about being on the edge of to marry one man.

She said she “would have loved to marry him”. However, he canceled their nuptials at “last minute”.

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