Why Tom and Jerry Is So Popular

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera started the franchise in 1940, and it ran for almost 30 years until more powerful media franchises took over the market. We know that TV was different back then, but many people don’t know that this small, simple show was once as popular as Disney’s Silly Symphonies and Looney Tunes. It was that big.

Tom and Jerry

But as the years went by, reruns and syndication helped the show become popular again. We were no longer in the golden age of American animation, but every time Tom and Jerry came on TV, they caught our attention. Even if we had seen the short (or “episode,” as we also called them) before, we would still watch Tom get embarrassed and Jerry get scared to death. Some people grew up with this song playing in the background. Some people still watch the Cat and Mouse movies, even though they are still being made. Yes, they’ve been “redacted” to meet current standards, but the show’s spirit remains.

Is there a reason why people still watch the show? There needs to be a clear answer. Some people still don’t like the show for the same reasons they didn’t like it before, and they probably never will. On the other hand, we still love how the animation era was known for not having any rules. But that’s not the only reason why the rivalry is still intense in the minds of adults who remember when cartoons on Saturday mornings were different.

Tom and Jerry’s Popularity

When we woke every morning, two animals were trying to kill each other. On the one hand, there was Tom, a cat whose peace was always broken by a small mouse who defied the laws of physics and could fight him with all his strength and whatever tools he could find. Did Tom get hurt? Probably.

Then there was Jerry, a mouse who only wanted to stay in the hole in the house. His house looked so cozy it was crazy. Tom’s attempts to get rid of him kept him from falling asleep. The shorts were all based on this idea and nothing else. Other people were involved, but at the show’s heart, only a rivalry could be compared to Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.

There’s nothing else to say. We had a good time considering ways for them to hurt each other. When you think about how animation works and how the rating system worked back then, you can see how far this creativity went. We’re talking weapons like axes, shotguns, revolvers, etc. Or, bombs, gunpowder, and fire. Everything worked out well. Even the dog’s anger, which sometimes got in the way of the fight, was good.

Every short showed a different way to beat your worst enemy. To say that the violence was interesting is to get into a dangerous area, but it was the main reason we couldn’t turn away from the TV. When Tom chopped up into tiny pieces, we laughed so hard we cried. Such a show would not be made today. The Tom and Jerry we see today don’t try to show this kind of violence.

Besides that, Tom and Jerry always got away with everything because they were smart. They could even be friends and work together to fight a common enemy. When this happened, it looked like magic on the screen as the two creative animals went to great lengths to complete their mission. Yes, we liked how they competed with each other, but it seems like their chemistry is what keeps the franchise going.

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