Why were Pokémon content creators banned on Instagram? Unexplained bans leave creators puzzled

Instagram Bans Several Large Pokémon Content Creators

Many prominent Pokémon content creators have recently been banned on Instagram without receiving any explanation for the ban.

This issue was initially brought to light within the Pokémon Trading Card Game community when numerous leading creators received messages stating that their Instagram accounts were on hold.

Subsequently, several creators discovered that their accounts had been permanently banned. Interestingly, a few individuals managed to regain access simply by logging in and verifying their information, while others found themselves permanently banned when attempting to appeal the decision.

PokeRev, a popular content creator also known as Nick, shared on his YouTube channel that he successfully recovered his account despite being subjected to these arbitrary bans.

Unfortunately, other creators like PokiChloe and PokeDean were unable to restore their accounts. These creators have reportedly contacted Meta, the parent company of Instagram, but have not received an explanation for the deletions.

There are speculations that certain hashtags used by the affected users or the links featured in their bios may have contributed to the bans.

Notably, all the banned creators are family-friendly, though some of them often promote third-party storefronts.

Interestingly, many of the banned accounts have previously collaborated with The Pokemon Company at events and have been invited as guests to The Pokemon World Championships, suggesting that the issue lies with Instagram rather than TPC.

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