Why won’t Ben Nasser move to Liverpool?

THE media British continue to circulate the possibility of a return in Premier League from the Liverpool gate of Milan’s Algerian midfielder Ismail bin Nasser, who is looking to strengthen his field to face the challenges of a difficult and difficult season locally and in Europe, in one moment in which i media Italians consider it impossible to leave the jewel of Milan among the seven, especially after the Ivorian colleague Frank Kessie moved to Barca, the affair of the Portuguese international Renato Sanchez has been interrupted in middle to club of Lille, which is also strongly supported by Paris Saint-Germain, which complicates the process of selling Ben Nasser because it is linked to other business, and Milan coach Stefano Pioli is not at all ready to give up one of his players. in seen since he arrived in team in 2019 from Empoli, while Ben Nasser remains focused with his team in view of a new season, he wants him to stand out locally to keep the title of champion and the best European of last season in Champions League. Liverpool, crowned with the Community Shield title last Sunday, have spent in this season £ 100m to bring Darwin Nunez, Fabio Carvalho and Calvin Ramsey into the trio, but Klopp is still looking to bolster his midfield with a new breath after giving management the green light to insert one of the Serie A trio between Adrian Rabio, the Juve player, and Hakanoglu of Inter or Milani Ismail bin Nasser to fill the deficiencies found at midfield level in light of the frequent injuries of Thiago Alcantara and the Brazilian Fabinho, and the fluctuating levels of captain Jordan Henderson , and give more effectiveness and vitality to a game system that needs renewal and diversification, and additional options.An alternative to what the German coach has at his disposal in the face of fierce competition this season from City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. Milan, for its part, does not want any team to come close to its jewel, with which it has participated in 100 matches in three seasons, and had an important role in winning the title last season, and does not want to empty his midfield after the departure of the Ivorian Frank Kessie, but wants to strengthen it with the Portuguese Renato Sanchez, the Frenchman of Lille, and do in so that Ben Nasser will continue with him for other years, accompanied by a splendid generation of young people who last season challenged the Italian leaders and snatched their nineteenth Scudetto in the history of clubthe first in eleven years old, in the strongest, most beautiful and best Italian league in a decade that has distinguished Juve and Inter dominate, before opening up to competition with Milan, Naples, Rome, Lazio and Atlanta, which pushes Milan to keep Ben Nasser in front of very difficult challenges. Ismail bin Nasser’s contract with AC Milan extends until June 2024 with a € 50 million clause that the club Europeans can break, a figure that the Milanese administration wants to revise, bringing it to 100 million, and raising the player’s annual salary three times what it is today in changing the renewal of his contract at the end of 2027, and in the face of the tempting offers that are falling on him from City, Liverpool and his former Arsenal team, who wants to restore him after being neglected during the reign of Arsene Wenger when he was seventeen, so much so that the question remains in largely dependent on Milan’s intentions, on the will of Ismail bin Nasser, and on the insistence of Klopp or Gordiola or Mikel Arteta to conquer a suitable midfield in all European leagues e club without problems. Senior England wants to invest in the delay of the agreement between Milan and Bin Nasser for the renewal of the contract due to the lack of agreement between the two parties since the negotiation began six months ago, and Bin Nasser does not want to miss the opportunity to zigzag his career to secure his technical future and focus on his pivotal role in in the middle of the field of Milan or Liverpool or as many other teams as you want. Algerian journalist