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Why won’t Zidane return to Real Madrid again?

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Contrary to reports in recent days and hours, French press sources have indicated that it is difficult for legend Zinedine Zidane to return to his ex again club, Real Madrid, at least during the era of the historic president Florentino Perez, despite his friendship and great rapprochement between them on a human level. And Radio “Montecarlo” had published a report on Zizou’s future in the next phase, having rather overcome the shock of postponing his great dream, that of taking in hand the technical guidance of the national team of roosters, and it has arrived, that the fiftieth The coach is now choosing between 4 offers, and referring to his former club Juventus and former Real Madrid, as well as Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain, they are just waiting to decide on the most appropriate and best option for their goals and ambitions, after completing the long recovery period. In the latest update of this dossier, the French platform itself learned from its sources inside the corridors of the “Santiago Bernabéu” that the billionaire engineer has not thought and will no longer take in consideration of seeking the help of what he described as his close friend, for reasons mainly related to the coach’s actions and comments, following his unilateral decision to provide. He resigned as coach of the team a year before his contract expired, making relations between them more strained than ever. Zidane surprised Madrid fans with a violent statement against the board of directors club, in justifying the reasons that prompted him to take the decision to leave, including the feeling that the company no longer trusted him as much as needed, not even with full support, to complete the project in the medium or long term, as it is was shocked by what he described as “forgetting” everything he had built up over the years. In addition to the personal disagreement between Perez and Zidane, the French report gave another explanation for the difficulty of Zizou’s return to the club Meringue, and lies in the president’s trust and belief in the right of the current manager, Carlo Ancelotti, to remain in his position for at least one more season, despite the considerable fluctuation in the team’s performances and results in this season, compared to the situation of last season, the last of which was a goalless draw against Real Sociedad at the end of the 19th round of the Spanish league. Zidane has already acquired the prestigious position in the “Santiago Bernabeu” in two occasions, the first and most important was between 2016 and 2018, during which he won 9 titles, the most important of which was the European Champions League 3 times in a row, while the second tenure was between the 2019 and 2021, and came away with two cup titles, the Spanish Super Cup and La Liga, and has not practiced the coaching profession since until this moment.


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