Wide breaks shake "Twitter"

Twitter users said they were experiencing massive power outages on Wednesday, days after company owner Elon Musk shut down one of the company’s data centers in the US city of Sacramento.

According to the Down Detector website, which monitors Internet outages through a group of sources including user reports, more than ten thousand users from the US, about 2,500 from Japan, and almost 2,500 from the UK were affected by this outage at its peak. .

The website says that by Wednesday evening, the number of Twitter outage reports had plummeted.

During the outage, some users were unable to log into their Twitter accounts via desktop or laptop computers. The issue also affected the mobile app and Twitter features, including notifications.

However, Elon Musk has tweeted that he can still use the service. He wrote in response to a question from a user who asked if Twitter was down, saying, “It works for me.”

And on Saturday, Musk, who bought the network for $44 billion two months ago, confirmed that “Twitter is running smoothly… even after I took down one of the most sensitive servers” as the company’s new owner focused on cutting costs and laying off employees.

Source: US media + agencies