Wife of the drug lord El Chapo hit with 3-year prison term

A US judge sentenced Emma Coronel Aispuro, his wife of Mexican drug trafficker Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, 36 months old in prison, one year less than prosecutors request after pleading guilty to aiding the Sinaloa cartel.

Aispuro appeared in Washington, DC Federal Court on from Tuesday to face condemnation. The wife of the famous drug lord was accused with three counts of conspiring to distribute illegal drugs, conspiring to launder money, and engaging in financial relationships with Sinaloa cartel. She pleaded guilty in June in all respects against her.

The prosecutors had asked for a four year prison sentence, in addition to five years of controlled release.

The former beauty the queen voluntarily lost about $ 1.5 million in the cartel arrives in the United States governmentAttorney Anthony Nardozzi said on Tuesday.

Nardozzi added that while information conveyed between the two spouses allowed Guzman to escape the prison where it was held in 2015, “the accused is real” role it was a minimum one” and Aispuro had “Mainly acted in support of her husband” while “quickly” take responsibility for her “criminal conduct “ after being arrested.

Guzman is currently serve life in prison more 30 years after repeated efforts for jail he for execution of a in course criminal result of the enterprise in escapes that defy physics.

Aispuro was arrested at Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC in February and has been jailed ever since. His lawyer had previously expressed hope that Aispuro was guilty plea he would see her in able to return to the couple’s twin daughters first, insisting that the resulting deal would be a “arm length plea agreement” that would have allow she to “get on with his life.”

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Source RT News.

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