Will Ms. Marvel Return for Tony Stark and Emma Frost’s Wedding? Marvel Fans Speculate

Eagle-eyed Marvel fans speculate about Ms. Marvel’s return based on recent press release

Eagle-eyed Marvel fans quickly latched on to an image in Marvel’s recent press release about the upcoming marriage of Tony “Iron Man” Stark and Emma Frost in the upcoming issues of X-Men and Invincible Iron Man to speculate that Kamala Khan, the hero known as Ms. Marvel, will be back by that wedding.

Ms. Marvel, of course, was killed off at the end of May in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #26, and as soon as she died, fans were already speculating as to how she would return (rather than “will” she return). This new wedding image had kicked that speculation up to a whole new level.

Why do fans believe Ms. Marvel will be back by the Tony Stark/Emma Frost wedding?

iron man emma frost tony stark married wedding

The press release revealed the Lucas Werneck-drawn covers for X-Men #26 and Invincible Iron Man #10, and very quickly, fans caught on to a certain superhero that was present in the background of the cover.

Of course, other fans who noticed the same thing didn’t necessarily jump to the conclusion that this meant that Ms. Marvel WOULD be back, but rather believing that it was simply a continuity error by Werneck, who might not have known when he was drawing these covers that Ms. Marvel was going to be killed off by the time that they saw print..

In general, though, fandom treated the cameo as confirmation of what fandom has already been expecting, a quick return for the hero, as well as having something to do with the X-Men…

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