Will the submarine open? "Belgorod" A new cold war front in the ocean?

CNN announced that the Russian special-purpose nuclear submarine Belgorod could pave the way for the opening of a new Cold War front in the oceans.

CNN notes that “if Belgorod manages to strengthen the capabilities of the Russian fleet, this will pave the way for the opening of the Cold War front in the depths of the ocean over the next decade.”

According to the report of the CRS Congress committee, on which the author of the article is based, the Belgorod submarine can carry eight Poseidon strategic nuclear missile systems.

CNN adds: “These missiles are designed to respond to an enemy in the event of a nuclear attack from Russia and carry nuclear warheads with a yield of several megatons, causing huge radiation waves that make American coastal cities uninhabitable for decades.”

Source: RIA Novosti