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Will the War Between Google and Microsoft Ever End? or Is This Just the Start?

Mohamed El-Beltagy, CEO of Optomatica, said that Google is in at the forefront of using artificial intelligence techniques in internet searches.

Al-Beltagy added, in an interview with Al-Arabiya, that the company “OpenAI” was founded based on the basic idea of ​​Google researchers, and then developed into the search engine “ChatGPT”, and the company “Meta” also had a role in this technology.

It is clear that there is an imminent revolution in the method of finding information via Internet revolution led by the companies “Google” and “Microsoft”, which recently announced the introduction of artificial intelligence in their search engines.

A week ago, in a specific test tweet, “Alpha Bit”, owner of Google, published a promotional video clip for “Bard”, but in Bard was later found to have given an inaccurate response, the price of which was Google losing $100 billion in market trading, and the company’s stock is down about 8% since the tweet. .

Al-Beltagy said that “Code Red” means an “existential threat” to Google, noting that the main model of business Google relies on search engines.

He explained that “Microsoft’s” Internet search engine “Bing” was launched currently using “ChatGPT” technologies and has become the preferred search engine for all users, indicating that this would pull the rug out from under Google’s feet even though it was the leader in the industry in its infancy.


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