Willie Nelson reveals that he has brought a surprising life change due to recent respiratory problems

Country music legend Willie Nelson has recently suffered significant breathing problems during his recent performances, notably at the CMA Awards last month, when he played a duet with Kacey Musgraves. And even though he does not plan to stop touring because of health problems, he is radically changing his life: he has stopped smoking cannabis.

If there is one thing Nelson is known for other than his illegal country music is that he likes to smoke marijuana. Not only did he smoke it on the roof of the White House, but he also has his own range of marijuana products. And, his personal hiding place is so “superior” that Toby Keith was inspired to write a song about it entitled I Will Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again.

Country music icon, Willie Nelson is known for singing the virtues of smoking, and even has his own range of marijuana products.

But he announced that he was no longer smoking due to persistent health and breathing problems. https://t.co/svPyZD16ip

– CNN (@CNN) December 4, 2019

Nelson, 86, told KSAT-TV in San Antonio, Texas, the reason for his decision to quit smoking marijuana.

“I’ve used a lot of my lungs in the past, so breathing is a little harder nowadays and I have to be careful,” said Nelson. “I do not smoke anymore – (I) take better care of me.”

Nelson explained that his lungs were not damaged solely by smoking cannabis. He says he’s abused himself since he was a child, when he started smoking cedar bark. He then switched to smoking, which almost killed him. He added that precisely because rumors are circulating that he is about to die, he says he does not care and is happy to be here. Nelson then added with a smile that he was lucky to be here.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4juzFaW12j0 (/ embed)

Nelson says the key to staying healthy for him is to keep playing because it makes him happy and gives him a great workout. He says he likes the bus and calls it “home”. Being on stage is an “energy exchange” because the crowd gives him a lot of positive energy and he hopes to give them a lot in return.

“For an hour, they are moving away from anything they do not like,” said Nelson.


With respect to cannabis use, it should be noted that Nelson stated that he had stopped smoking. But, as users of the plant know, there are other delivery methods, such as edible products. Maybe now everyone will be eager to join Nelson in his bus after a show for a delicious brownie pan instead of burning one.

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