Wine producers welcome Maharashtra’s new policy

New Delhi, Feb 2 (IANS) The All India Wine Producers Association has welcomed Maharashtra government’s decision to permit selling of wine in supermarkets in the state.

On January 27, the state government permitted all supermarkets and walk-in stores to sell wine manufactured in the state as part of its new wine policy.

The country’s wine industry is estimated to be worth around Rs 1,000 crore with Maharashtra, a pioneering state in this sector, contributing nearly two-third to the revenues.

“This development for the wine industry will have a huge impact on the overall region and will play a major role in rural development and employment in rural and semi urban Maharashtra,” the association said in a statement.

The AIWPA is an apex body of wineries in India, having more than 70 members, including all the major Indian wineries and wine producers.

“It is noteworthy to say that grapes for wines gives the highest realisation to farmers, between Rs 40 and Rs 80 per litre consumed, versus beer at Rs 12 and spirit at RS 4,” it said.

Maharashtra can tap its “Wine Tourism” potential and earn foreign dollars if given the right environment, it added.

Around 600 walk-in stores and supermarkets throughout Maharashtra are eligible to apply under the new wine policy, the association said.



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